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  1. AbbeyJunction

    Qualms with thickness.

    Alright, I understand, I get it. You want it thick and super cushiony and all that jazz, jive, and mojo. But I must raise a point that crosses my mind since I happen to put it into practice frequently. Baby diapers aren't that thick. Really, they aren't. Whenever i see a *B in ridiculously...
  2. AbbeyJunction

    General gender roles in *B culture.

    So after reading a poll here on what genders are on ADISC, it made me think about gender roles in our own little culture. This idea also stems from the fact that i do panels to raise awareness and teach counselors how to deal with LGBTQ youth. (If anyone has questions, please let me know!) I...
  3. AbbeyJunction

    Getting settled in again.

    Hey all, Currently I'm trying to get back in contact with the admins but I'd like to say hello to new faces and old ones. This is FalloutFox from about, oh gosh, a year ago? I stayed on this site for about a year or two before life got in the way of regular internet time. Doing nothing pays no...
  4. AbbeyJunction

    CosyNdry plastic pants

    Alright, This is probably my fault. After ordering a cloth diaper and plastic pants from cosyndry (the cloth diaper too small to wear and the plastic pants just barely being able to be pulled up above my waist. Sizes seemed skewed...) I was understandably excited. The plastic pants match my new...
  5. AbbeyJunction

    Cloth diaper Smell

    Does anyone have any ideas/methods to removing the pee smell from a cloth diaper? or preventing it even. I washed mine and... well... still smell s a lil and it makes my hiding place smell bad whenever i open it x.x Also, any ideas to storing it? I just put mine inna bucket of cold water...
  6. AbbeyJunction

    Cloth Diaper Rashes

    I know theres stuff in the Wiki on this but i wanna know a lil more. Does anyone have any ways of preventing diaper rashes in cloth diapers? i have never worn but i assume cloths aren't as good at keeping the water off your skin as disposables are so naturally they would cause rashes faster...
  7. AbbeyJunction

    New bambinos bianco

    So, bambinos decided to switch up thier biancos and make them ALL white (got rid of the cute lil blue thingy that i liked :C) and apparently made the inside softer. Well, I -just- bought a new pack of bambino's the other day and i gotta say, the all white thing looks pretty good :3. as for the...
  8. AbbeyJunction

    Babykins Discreetness?

    I was gunna order a few things from babykins including my first cloth diaper. I was wondering what the package looks like or what it gives away about the company. i think "babykins" and a package addressed to me is going to look a little odd... Also, do they do discreet shipping? thanks!
  9. AbbeyJunction

    Cleaning/Washing Cloth diapers

    I have never found a place that explains this. maybe im not looking hard enough, maybe im just being me again and its in plain sight but i cant see it. can somone tell me how do you clean Cloth diapers. in the wash? is there certain stuff you should or shouldnt use? ((fabric softener, bleach...
  10. AbbeyJunction

    Bassists please rise

    I want to play!! bass guitar... and I have no freaking clue where to start. So far, other then looking at them, mucking around, and talking to my Extremly "music nerd" friends about them, i got nuffin. Anyone know any good sites/magazines/tips for a beginner Bass player? Or what kind/brand...
  11. AbbeyJunction

    Where your stuff be made

    Like items and Stuff. just look at what your wearing/using and see if it was made someplace other then China. Ex: My shoes are made in Malaysia My Baby bottle was made in England (and by Philips...the Electronic company...)
  12. AbbeyJunction

    Classy Comfort Diapers Anyone know how good thier diapers are. i mean.. 8 for 30$? they gotta have somthing to them. and all of thier dresse/plastic pants are expensive.. This whole thing a rip-off?
  13. AbbeyJunction

    Attends question

    do the two taped Attends diapers leak through the cloth? for example, if i wet and kept sitting would it go through to my pants?
  14. AbbeyJunction

    Cloth diaper questions.

    First of all. before i even start. What is more absorbant? A cloth or disposable diaper? okies. now a few questions about this stuff. 1. What is the difference between "flannel", "gauze", and "birdseye" cloth diapers? 2. whats the difference between night-time and day time? (im assuming...
  15. AbbeyJunction


    For the longest time my friends have said that i was my moms favorite. I have thoroughly disbelieved this. I think that i just have a strong connection with her and that we share alot of things in common. However, i have always had that "ich" in the back of my head telling me otherwise. Has any...
  16. AbbeyJunction

    Abena X-pluses

    Okay so i thought it was just a defect diaper or somthing but now this is getting annoying. EVERY time i sleep in an X-plus the side seam glue comes undone and the Gel stuff comes out. Its annoying everytime i want to sleep in my diaper and wet it it comes undone. Anyone have any ideas why...
  17. AbbeyJunction

    Question for the sissy's

    hey, i was wondering if there is a place somwhere that sells cloth diapers that are... frilly, pink, ect? I know i could always buy the girls version of goodnites or somthing like that but i want somthing that is reusable. well, when i can get my paws on em at least. Also, what kind of diapers...
  18. AbbeyJunction

    Abena Abri-Forms Broke

    Alright, so i bought the abena abri-forms (Original X-plus size medium). I had been using them for about 3 hours playing video games and doing homework. nothing physical or strenuous. I hadnt been wetting too much (using it the "proper way" wetting every so often instead of one big flow). at one...
  19. AbbeyJunction

    questions bout internet diapers...

    K, so i just found that i have access to the interwebs for diapers (BF can buy and get at his house, parents dont care). And i had a few questions. One, what would you recommend for someone who doesn't have that much moneys to spend on ultra nice diapees? I really want somthing that can hold...
  20. AbbeyJunction

    Im being called..

    Wolf cub at my highschool. Every Sophomore is getting called wolf pup or cub because we are new to the school (freshman year doesnt kick off highschool here) and i can t help but love it >///< people look at wierd when i get called it cus i smile.... Btw, its Wolf cub since the mascot is a...