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  1. DLGrif

    Eliminating Religion

    I was with you until the very last statement. The society we find ourselves in is, indeed, confronted with serious moral and ethical disputes among individuals and disparate cultures. This sucks! But an appeal to consequences does not change the fact that an omnipotent, omniscient, and...
  2. DLGrif

    Eliminating Religion

    Our human biology makes it extraordinarily difficult to admit error. We are social animals, with millions of years of evolution telling us that if you are not aligned with the majority opinion, you will be shunned or killed. Given this, it's not hard to see why the natural response to a...
  3. DLGrif

    17 year old arrested in child porn sting, enrolled as 12 year old and wore diapers to the school.

    When I was applying for a replacement SSN card, I brought my birth certificate and passport. The clerk didn't look at either one.
  4. DLGrif

    New computer build (a hand would be nice)

    Any rig will bottleneck at its weakest point. A weak CPU makes multitasking choppy, and Java games like Minecraft primarily run off of CPU. A weak GPU forces you to play games at low graphics settings. Not enough RAM causes frequent loading, sometimes unbearably so. A slow HDD exacerbates load...
  5. DLGrif

    Where to from here.

    Can you be a little more specific?
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    Having no other gods

    Generally speaking, you can find a justification in the Bible for anything you do or anything you enjoy. Like so: "Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." --Matthew 18:3
  7. DLGrif

    Does Time really exist?

    Why are people so insistent that everything is cyclical? Not everything obeys a neat little cycle like oxygen -> respiration -> carbon dioxide -> photosynthesis -> oxygen. If you let the air out of a helium balloon, some of the atoms are hot enough to escape Earth's gravitational pull and are...
  8. DLGrif

    Does Time really exist?

    Those were the only parts of your response that seemed at all substantive. Unfortunately it's all bs. Nostradamus was famous for making a lot of predictions and prophecies, almost all of which were horribly vague. Floods and plagues, for example, are common occurrences if your scope is...
  9. DLGrif

    Does Time really exist?

    Time travel? Seriously? Look, at near-light speeds you can do nifty things with time dilation, and with the right lasers you can mess with local space, and with particle accelerators you can make strange particles come into existence via the Higgs field. But there is no reason to believe that...
  10. DLGrif

    Does Time really exist?

    If you compare two similar universe-states, with the only difference being that all the atoms in the second universe have slightly different positions, and this change in position is predictable using physics, then we can say that the second universe-state occurs "after" the first. But if you...
  11. DLGrif

    Passing away next year not my prediction .

    Marathon My Little Pony all day. Then reflect on how your friend was full of shit because you're still alive. Reject superstition and become a New Atheist.
  12. DLGrif

    Physics and Metaphysics, can they meet?

    More to the point, don't offer your perspective on a matter if you are not prepared to deal with people judging that perspective. It's worth noting that much of the work philosophy students do is figuring out what a given philosopher is actually saying, and it's vital to get to that groundwork...
  13. DLGrif

    Qualities of enlightened people/spiritual leaders?

    Listen, I'm not saying it was because of aliens. But, what if it was aliens?
  14. DLGrif

    My Roommate Attacked Me & Tried To Kill Me For 2rd Time Help

    You need to take some responsibility for your life. If you're constantly in fear of your various roommates trying to kill you, you need to figure out how to qualify places to live so that you don't get in those situations. You also need to dial down your fear of your roommates A LOT. He slapped...
  15. DLGrif

    Finished The Girl in My Closet (Chp. 1 - 16; Complete)

    To be honest I didn't expect the tomato in the mirror. So many ABDL stories have a magical element to it that the "no, you're just crazy" explanation is unusual. Very enjoyable read.
  16. DLGrif

    My grandma found out

    Haha, perhaps she feels it unfair to press you for details when she has plenty of naughty secrets herself, that YOU would have no way of discovering :P
  17. DLGrif

    If stranded on an island what album would you want?

    Definitely Homestuck Vol 5. Best tracks include 2, 3, 15-17, 21, 46-47, and 64-65. Obviously there are a lot of tracks there to tide me over with, on top of some of them being very high quality.
  18. DLGrif

    When did non-labeling become cool?

    If Ayn Rand were alive, she would say that the aversion to labels is an attempt to constrain thought and avoid confronting the truth. Labels, after all, are simply words, in that they explicitly define the concept which you are communicating. Imagine the following exchange: Fred: My friend...
  19. DLGrif

    You can cure ONE thing, what would it be?

    If there were no animals here in the first place, from whence did animals spring? Why do vegans manage to stay alive? Earth has been around a lot longer than humans have. Even with our technology, there isn't much we could do to outright destroy Earth's life-bearing capacity. Besides, what...