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  1. J

    What Diaper Were You Wearing To Ring In The New Year?

    tranquility slimline
  2. J

    Who's going to be in there nappy on xmas day

    Wake up with a wet nite diaper and change into pull-ups.
  3. J

    Merry Christmas one and all

    Merry Christmas to all and a happy new year.
  4. J

    Have you ever been caught wearing diapers, by a person you were trying to hide it from?

    I think most people that know me well have caught a glimpse of something. My brother in law looked liked hed seen a ghost. he kept staring at it. I told him its just a DIAPER. Your, not the one wearing it.
  5. J

    Waking up wet

    For me, it just happens, and the diaper feels good no laundry so win-win I limit my intake pee before bed. I think the diaper helps me sleep. in the morning ill leave it on tell after my cup of jo.
  6. J

    Diaper pride

    Happy thanksgiving.
  7. J

    Let me know your opinion

    Northshore has samples.
  8. J

    What is your favorite brand of diapers?

    The better dry and crinklz.Tranquility for day time.
  9. J

    Hunting in a diaper

    I'm a wildlife photographer so yes diapers A O K#1
  10. J

    First time buying diapers in a store?

    1978 at a large drug store I found the ic section was with my mom. A few weeks later I went back and there they were soo many different diapers. The clerk asking can i help you find anything so i sed my mom told me i need by them my self. I don't know which ones she gets me. She gets a box this...
  11. J

    Friends that knew about bed wetting

    yes in the70s it was plastic sheets and the washing matching. you're too big for diapers, you will grow out of it.
  12. J

    Tranquility diapers

    The diapers are better.
  13. J

    ABDLs with Roommates? How do you do it?

    In 1986, my dad got me a room at a commune house with 9 housemates. He told the head, Dusty, about my chronic bed wetting and about the diapers. As I'm moving in meeting them.its my first place they have a welcoming house meeting about the house NO drugs no judgments no, politics no fights and...
  14. J

    My first experience with diapers

  15. J

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    tranquility atn
  16. J

    Crinklz Astronaut

    I just got mine and i love them. So thick good for a heavy wetter.Last all nite.
  17. J

    What is your favorite diaper?

    Northshore is a good place to shop.
  18. J

    Wet the bed during a bad dream

    You are not alone.
  19. J

    Common Comment When Someone Sees Your Diaper

    Say nothing be mindful.