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  1. ChrisKrinkle

    10 Days in Diapers...

    No, no accidents...they are on purpose! Hehe .
  2. ChrisKrinkle

    Happy New Year!

    And from MA 😁
  3. ChrisKrinkle

    10 Days in Diapers... to work...chaged diapers this morning...and still diapered 😁
  4. ChrisKrinkle

    Temporarily cure

    I used to be like that. Now, I love grinding in my diaper right before I go to sleep. That's the best orgasm. Then I feel relaxed and very comfy in my diaper..and melt off to sleep
  5. ChrisKrinkle

    10 Days in Diapers...

    I'm saving this post as motivation! This is it... ot turning back this time! What stoped me? I think it was Wednesday diaper was not fitting was uncomfotable... I was a little sweaty.
  6. ChrisKrinkle

    10 Days in Diapers... update. Didn't quite make 10 days...only 5 again. they say, try again! So I hit the reset button last night...going for 24/7 until next Sunday.. I can still ring in the new year in Diapers...
  7. ChrisKrinkle

    Who's going to be in there nappy on xmas day

    Well...I'm in day 4 of my quest to stay diapered until
  8. ChrisKrinkle

    10 Days in Diapers...

    Yea, 24/7 until 2020!
  9. ChrisKrinkle

    10 Days in Diapers...

    53 years? Damn...that's impressive
  10. ChrisKrinkle

    10 Days in Diapers...

    This is big for me. I have never made it past 5 days in diapers. I have decided that I want to take it to the new year! I've been diapered since Friday night. Are there any Mommy/ Daddy types , or any one recently 24/7 that would like to private message me each day to keep me going?? I don't...
  11. ChrisKrinkle

    When to stop wearing in from of your kids

    I have a 4 year old. I've been wearing around here since day 1. She did ask me once not too long ago why I was wearing a diaper. I told her it's like when she plays dress up...its fun for daddy. That worked for her!
  12. ChrisKrinkle

    Bambino Bellissimo V2 New

    Ok, but as long as we can still get the originals...
  13. ChrisKrinkle

    ABU Kiddo

    How is the most recent batch? Are they similar to SDK? How is the texture? They dont have that crappy vinyl plastic feel do they?
  14. ChrisKrinkle

    Miley grew up!

    I have never been a Miley Cyrus fan. Yes, I did like her Dads music, and I grew to like her as a person once she started acting like a baby 😁. But I must say, I am ADDITICTED to her new song...Slide Away. The first time I heard it I was thinking wow, what a beautiful song...who Is that? I was...
  15. ChrisKrinkle

    Do many men wear women’s panties? Yes!

    Yes, same here...
  16. ChrisKrinkle

    Questions about people who go 24/7 without any concerns of being incontinent.

    I'm actually in day 2 of a 24/7 run. I just love wearing them. Il wet when at home but that's it...not at work
  17. ChrisKrinkle

    ABDL song from Disney movie "Padded"

    Great, now when my four year old sings her favorite song...I wont be able to keep a streight face!
  18. ChrisKrinkle

    Might be time to try 24/7..Again

    I have only made it to 5 days so far the last couple times I tried. I got diapered up last night, and this morning I am content being diapered. So, it's a short work week and a holiday. Plus, it's cold so good diaper weather. It might be a good time to finally make it to the illusive SEVEN! I...
  19. ChrisKrinkle

    What I saw at the grocery store the over the weekend

    I had some stickers made...the round oval kind, that say AB/DL. I have one on the bumper of each of my cars
  20. ChrisKrinkle

    Any ABDL members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints on here?

    Ok. Wait. So my ex wife was LDS. We got divorced because she claimed my kinks were "against her religion" and she could not live in the same house...let alone be married to me. Soooo... explain...