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    where r u all from

    I’m from Perth WA
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    Nappy disposals in Hotel

    I wear disposable nappies every night and can dispose of them easily at home as my wife helps me. But I am going to posh hotel for 3 nights and want some suggestions on How to dispose of my night disposable nappies in the morning? Don’t feel it’s right to just throw them in trash can? Or can I...
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    SIDD: Sleep in Diapers December

    I sleep in my terry nappy and plastic pants every night! And don’t wake up to pee!! But my nappy is wet every morning!!
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    Pleasant surprise

    I recently got engaged to a wonderful mummy who has no problems with me wearing my nappies, especially to bed at night cause I wet every night and use terry nappy & plastic pants. She also loves me sucking on her breasts and it just completes my baby feelings before I go to sleep
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    Genuine Advice?

    I am very fond of a lady who I met about 3 years ago and we have only really started going serious over the last 2 months, which looks like it's going further! Now I would like to get some feedback on "What's the best way to tell her that I wear nappies at night?"
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    Prostate Removal?

    I've recently been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and am having my prostate removed. I've heard from various folk that it causes inconcontinance and am wondering how many people have suffered with this and for how long does it last and is it curable?
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    Getting caught in a nappy

    This subject has more than likely been up before? But I am wondering how many of us have been caught in a nappy and what was the result? I was about 12 years old when I got caught when I had on a couple of baby Terry nappies pinned nicely to my butt and my mother walked into the room!! All I...
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    I Am Cloth Diaper Man

    I’m a Terry nappy baby (+ 2 baby terries as soakers ) and wet my thick Terry nappies every night, as I find it easier to pee in my nappies than have to get up 3 times a night and normally wake up very wet in the morning! Lately I have found that I often don’t even wake up when I’m wetting, so...
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    Diapers at night

    I also wear Cloth diapers + 2x Terry nappies as boosters and also a DriNite and a good pair of Plastic Pants and I don’t leak at all!!
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    Babylove Sleepynights....anybody in Australia that can vouch for these?

    Hi I have used these nappies and yes they fit much better than Drinites but be careful of the sides, they tend to tear easier than drinites! I can wear a Drinites all day without tearing but these I have to watch out for! I usually wear them as a stuffer in my night time Terry nappy -work well!
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    Terry Nappy Folds

    Hi all I have been a Terry nappy baby for +- 10 years now and just wanted to know what nappy folds everyone uses? I use the kite method on my nappy as it can be folded well to prevent leaks. Also does anyone know some good sites that show different folds?
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    AB or DL??

    Hi everyone, I love this site as I love to read the stories and thoughts of all those who are either AB or DL, but I am not sure what category I fit into? I have always loved nappies since I was around 5 yrs old and have often 'borrowed' either a baby's terry nappy or disposable and used them to...
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    Buying good nappies in Perth W.A.

    Hello! I am AB/DL and am new here! but i have found that Ausy does not have the 'good 'brands in the local pharmacys here like M4's or Tena Maxi? I have also found that they mainly keep drynites or Tena adult incontinent pants only & no Abena M4 or Tena slip Maxi's? Anyone know Where i can...
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    AB and religious beliefs

    Well, each man to his own beliefs! But the truth is,that when we die, and there IS God! What are you going to say to Him?.He will say 'Depart from me, I never knew you!!?? Off the Hell you go! If there is no God, then at least we have lived a decent and clean life here on earth(even in...
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    Plastic Pants

    Hi all, I recently purchased a beautiful pair of FuuBuu Plastic Pants to go over my Terry nappy.i ordered the L (I normally use M on normal ones) but even the L is not quite big enough to cover my nappy completely, (its a very thick terry) although the inner leak guards to cover it, but it shows...
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    Nappy Fastners

    I was just wondering 1) How many people on here who wear Terry nappies at night? 2) What size? 3) do you fasten them with nappy safety pins (large size) or Snappy's(3T piece elastic with teeth on each end) 4) If nappy pins,Where do you get?
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    Some positive suggestions?

    Thanks so much for those names of councellors. I have been to a trauma councellors who feels that I have got my life fairly in 'order' and I can go back to her anytime I need...but it's the cost!!!? I would love to be able to order some Tena maxi's and wear them everyday, but I can't really...
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    Some positive suggestions?

    I have ad a love for nappies since I was about 5-6 yrs old and remember stealing baby nappies from my mothers friends when visiting them. Anyway..(.on with life).When my wife and I were in UK 2005-2010 I had the opportunity to buy a real adult size terry nappy & pants and used to love having...
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    New baby Kente

    Hi everyone, Have just joined the site where I find comfort in knowing that there are other people in this world who love nappies as well! I love terry nappies and plastics and have a set of very nice nappies and a lovely pair of Japanese plastic pants which have extra protection around the leg...