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    Grand Junction Colorado

    I have to travel to Grand Junction Colorado for work. Does anyone know of a good diaper supply store there? Or does anyone want to meet up?
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    Embarrassing/enjoying experience.

    Sounds like a great GF. Most people in sales are not out to make customers feel bad but welcome to purchase their products.
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    Not a steal, but looking for a good deal.

    I do like the ATN's for the price but I have recently been using the Betterdry. They are my new favorite 60 diapers for 95 dollars. A little more than ATNs but hold so so so much more. And are by far the most comfortable diaper I have ever worn. I didn't know what I was missing until I tried...
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    Shopping quandary

    I often have this same thought. If only people did as much research as I have about diapers. I remember when My grandpa was in diapers when he was bed ridden and he was leaking all the time, so I heard from conversation. But I couldn't come out and say Abena's or dry 24/7 will work so much...
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    Serious question for you who are AB/DL but not incontinent.

    Try opening a medical supply store. Then you can donate diapers to those patients you find in need. That way you can still provide a service to those who wear diapers because they love them, but also give when you find a need.
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    Kal Medical new diaper store in Utah

    Me and the rest of Utah are very lucky. I hope it grows and we find stores carrying abdl supplies popping up all over the country.
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    Kal Medical new diaper store in Utah

    So I have found a new diaper store in utah who carries abdl products. They are a medical supply store but are not ashamed of there abdl products. They are out in the open as you walk in. They have diapers, binkies, bottles, and onesies. I have shopped there a couple of times. They also advertise...
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    Where do you guys live

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    Utah Diaper Lover Introduction

    Hey there I am also from utah. I am very similar to you. nice to meet you.
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    Has anyone else noticed ABDL page on Northshore?

    I ordered a free sample from them yesterday. I am so excited to get it. When I talked to amy she said I would have to sign for them.
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    Favourite experience with diapers?

    When I was first married I had an Idea on a trip to go buy some diapers. While I always wanted to wear them it had been many years since I had a chance to. I had this ah ha moment when I realized I could buy some diapers and wear them on my trip. What a rush I had trying on that first diaper. it...
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    What happen

    I also remember when a Pampers or Huggies commercial would come on when I was a kid and how I felt like everyone was starring at me. Thinking they must know some how that I love diapers because I am watching this commercial. I would find myself looking away from the TV just to prove to them I...
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    SO I was looking on classifieds online and I found diapers for 5 dollars a pack. I went there and she had 100 bags of junky brands. Then at the bottom of the pile was DC Amor pink. They were pink which I am a guy, but there they were adult baby diapers from a stranger. They were medium I am a...
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    I bought my last bag of depends yesterday. They are hard to find now in size large in the stores. Only KMart seems to carry them and now they are closing. When I buy online I do not waste time and effort on depends. So this is why I assume that will be the last bag. I do enjoy the feel of them...
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    If you could spend a day with Mr.Romney, what would you do?

    I would ask him for buisness advice. Mitt realy understands how to make things make money. Thats what we all try to do but most of us have a hourly paid job, and fill under paid at that. We want to take it out on the successfull buisness man, because we are jealiuos. I think Mitt is the type of...
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    Do you wear around your kids and do they know?

    I wear around my kids but I keep it very hidden. They are three and 5. I do not see a need for them know about things of this nature. I would not want to give them reason to have a fetish of there own, But if they did I would be understanding and want them to keep it to themselves.
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    Hello new here

    hey everyone. I am new to this site. Kind of new to accepting I love diapers I am here looking for friends.