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    Pampers UnderJams & Bed Mats

    I believe that Pampers is discontinuing their UnderJams and Bed Mats. Here in Germany they disappeared completely out of every retail store. If you for “Pampers UnderJams” in the German Google, you receive a sponsored Link to Pampers: But if you click on the link, the page is not...
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    Greetings from old Germany - Part 2

    Well, I am still here… I have been lurking around here for quite some time (since 2008). My first post was probably in 2010 in this thread. I really love some stories written here. As I am from Germany my written English is not so good, therefore I won’t be able to contribute with self-written...
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    Buying diapers in Florida

    Hi Folks, I am visiting Florida in a few weeks and I am wondering where I can buy Diapers like Molicare or Tena or an other Brand in Florida. In Germany adult diapers are not sold in normal Stores only in Pharmacies and there only with service:sweatdrop:. So everone is ordering them online. It...
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    Greetings from old Germany

    Hello Folks, well i am not new in this Forum, but this is my first posting. I am verry interested in good diaper storries as they are posted in this Forum. Some off Topic: Is anyone in the USA watching the soccer WM ? Your Max
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    Greetings from Germany

    Hello Folks, I'm from Germany. I got the Link to this site from an german diaper site. I am wondering if here are any other german-speaking people arround? Your Max