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  1. OmiOMy

    Progression Ramble.

    I got like...three hours of sleep. :sleep: One of the kittens ate some chocolate and we had to get to the emergency vet at 1 AM. She's OK. It happened in the middle of a fight with the roommate though and I can't help but feel like she did it on purpose to get us cooperating. It worked. At...
  2. OmiOMy

    If your an ABDL with a physical disability, we would like to hear from you!

    Fibromyalgia since...hmm, we think 2009, hypermobile knee joints, asperger's, ptsd, rapid cycling bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and that little lifelong bedwetting thing that seems to want to escalate into occasional random daytime accidents (I still don't know what caused the sudden accident...
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    There's always pre-taping and pulling it on like a pull up. Tape it together like you'll need it to be done, then step into it and pull it on like you would do with a pull up. It's not as snug a fit as the regular method, but at least it's on.
  4. OmiOMy

    New(ish) newbie here

    I lurked for a bit too, oddish — I've been bitten and am people shy and this is a touchy subject, lol. So I was a bit scared. I basically came out and then hid! :ROFLMAO: I'm a big Pokémon fan, too, and have been since debut. If you ever want to talk Pokémon, I'm your enby. Hell, I'd like to be...
  5. OmiOMy

    Another late sleep because OAB. At least I'm finally brave enough to pad up here.

    Another late sleep because OAB. At least I'm finally brave enough to pad up here.
  6. OmiOMy

    OAB struggles

    This morning I had the bathroom dream. I had to wait for the roommate to get out of the bathroom to take care of what was left of the bladder. The last three days have been a nightmare combination of unknown-reason stress and wildly active OAB. I'm trying not to let the OAB win out—it would...
  7. OmiOMy

    Can't sleep because SUPER active bladder and spasms that almost turn into cramps. :/

    Can't sleep because SUPER active bladder and spasms that almost turn into cramps. :/
  8. OmiOMy

    Oh crap I think I just half told someone (ramble)

    Y'all are super-reassuring. :giggle: I'm a little less freaked a day later, and even think I might be able to handle an upcoming convention I'm going to in March where there'll be four of us in close quarters for a week.
  9. OmiOMy

    Oh crap I think I just half told someone (ramble)

    Ok so like, a friend of mine (a REALLY GOOD FRIEND) and I were talking about annoying fibro crap the other day and fibro bladder came up Today it came up again and they asked if I ever had, like, leakage I said yep, it's super annoying and I don't go anywhere without carrying emergency...
  10. OmiOMy

    Bedwetting is returning?

    I have that "flavor" of dream annoyingly frequently. I've only woken up dry from it once. I think it has something to do with the mind registering "this is a bathroom, it's what it's for." So you go to that pretty toilet and when you finally notice that it isn't getting you any kind of relief...
  11. OmiOMy

    Using his diapers

    This reminds me of the first time I wet a pull-up. First I was mortified, then I was oddly soothed—the dry bed probably helped there. That was the start.
  12. OmiOMy

    How aware are you of your bladder/bowels?

    Yeah this is a little misplaced. That said, it's a hyperawareness sort of thing. I can feel the process of my bladder filling. It's an interesting sensation, but if I try to ignore it, I leak, so I have to hold on hard—just try to clamp down until things lose some sensation. When the OAB...
  13. OmiOMy

    House Ramble.

    Yup, you're right. I'm paying down a bill so I can get utilities, and dang near everyone in the family knows "a guy" that they have looking around on my behalf in addition to me looking. But money. Hooboy. It's hard to save right now. I'm doing my best to do it, though.
  14. OmiOMy

    House Ramble.

    Right now, I'm paying off an outstanding electric bill. It was on Budget Billing, so there's quite a bit of money behind it. Until that's paid off, I can't get utilities set up for a new place. On top of that, the old place was public housing and I could barely afford it. Any place at market...
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  16. OmiOMy

    Tips to casually wear diapers?

    Just keep wearing. With practice it'll start to feel normal. At least, it did for me.
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    You'll like it here, Lorelei! We're very chill and welcome new folks. I'd gladly be your friend.
  18. OmiOMy

    Cranberry Juice For Urinary Tract Infections ( UTI )

    My doc has recommended the supplements before. I'm prone to UTIs, but they seem to shorten it. In my experience though, cranberry seems to REALLY increase production, and what you produce is harder to hold than your usual output—so be prepared to have to pee a lot.
  19. OmiOMy

    What's your go-to diaper?

    An Ecoable cloth contour with a doubled up insert.
  20. OmiOMy

    House Ramble.

    It's 3 in the morning. I woke up half an hour ago. It's getting hard to live here. My roommate has threatened me with mace and letting the cops shoot me. The house is great. She is not. *_*_* I snuck myself a diaper last night--snapped myself in with a quickness--because on the way...