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  1. diapermefast

    niki minaj

    You just made it 4 pages lol :biggrin:
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    niki minaj

    Now Nicki Minaj! I never had any interest in her music or her looks untill the last 6 months or so, in that time ive seen her live 4 times! I initially got dragged to one of her shows with my ex girlfriend, and then ended up seeing her live again at other tours and festivals she was preforming...
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    chilling in a diaper

    I usually just lounge around the house watching films or on the computer when im at home, but I normally get bored of staying at home, if I go out ill either go shopping or go to the cinema diapered. I travel quite abit as well for work, so every so often If I get a long journey to take ill...
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    Your favorite AB item?

    My favorite item is probabbly my Footed Sleeper, nothing better.
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    Uk onesies

    I have ordered from both Cosy n Dry and Cuddlz, but if you search on ebay for adult baby you will find plenty of adult baby clothing including onesies :thumbsup:
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    Oops! it leaked.. now what.

    When i tend to wear in public, i tend to wear a couple of pairs of boxer shorts over the top of my diaper so if i spring a leak it helps to soak up the urine before it hits the trowsers im wearing.... Obviously this dosent help if its a big leak, i also tend to wear a pair of plastic pants when...
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    My Re-Introduction!

    Hi eeyore, well up untill recently i provided IT support and consultancy to business throught the globe, getting involved in project implementations and infrastructure upgrades, now ive started up my own business i offer both services to home users (virus removal/ upgrades and repairs) and...
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    My Re-Introduction!

    Hey All Well, i thought it was appropriate that i Re-introduce myself! I have been a member of ADISC back when it was TBDL. But for the last 12-18months i havent really been on the site much because of various problems going on in my life at the moment. I am hoping to try and become a more...
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    Who else hates diaper euphemisms? (Warning: Includes Rant)

    I can sort of see your frustration, but i suppose the companies that make these products are trying to tackle what is a sensative area to people that suffer from both light and moderate incontinence. They are not aiming the products at people in the ABDL community. If you look at other products...
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    ab clothes

    grammer Im not sure of shops that ship to the US, however if you check out ebay there is quite a exstensive range from differet sellers, just remember to look at the seller feedback and see what others have thought of the seller before buying. Other than that im not sure where to buy in the US...
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    Hate Cloth-like Disposables?

    I havent tried cloth diapers, they just havent appealed for me, i suppose its because of my age, i may have been brought up in cloth diapers, but when i was at a age when i was between 3-8 years old their were plenty of disposable diaper adverts on tv, so i guess for me the whole diaper/nappy...
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    Getting more brave with diapers

    I wear out in public fairly often, i dont make it obvious that i am wearing, i am too shy to do anything extreme, i once wore a diaper to a forest not too far away from me, and found a spot deep inside the trees where no body would go, i stripped down to just a diaper and played on the grass for...
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    Favorite Babyish Snack?

    Grapes :)
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    Aww thanks!, havent really been very active the last year, just been busy with change of jobs...

    Aww thanks!, havent really been very active the last year, just been busy with change of jobs and that!... Thanks
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    Self Diapering

    Because i live back with me parents i have to diaper myself standing up, i often dont use baby power incase my parents comment on the smell, if i do use baby power when i get the chance i tend to pour it down the front and back of my diaper, but i prefer to diaper lying down and if i do i will...
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    Cuddlz vs Cosyndry Onesies FIGHT!

    Good Review. I have only ever used cosyndry, mainly because of their huge product range and can also confirm they are very easy to deal with and ship quick. I have ordered a number of items from them - Footed Sleepers - Onesie - Plastic Pants and have never had any problems, would highly...
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    Abena X-Plus in public?

    Personally i have worn Abena X Plus in public before without any problems,i find that even with thick / thicker diapers i dont have a problem as long as you wear the right clothing and as long as your comfy walking with a little extra bulk.
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    umm hi

    Welcome to the Site, have a look around? You AB/TB might come out!
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    ABDL Checklist: Survey of your interests.

    OK here goes.... Diapers [X] - I enjoy wearing diapers. [X] - I use my diapers for their intended purpose. [X] - #1 [X] - #2 [X] - I wear them in a public setting. [X] - I change them, privately, in public places. [X] - I change my own diapers. [ ] - A caretaker changes me. [X] - Diapers are...
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    Going to get a pack of tena slip maxi's

    I regularly use the Tena Slip Maxi range and find them to be very good... You wont be dissapointed... Good Luck