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  1. diapermefast

    My Re-Introduction!

    Hey All Well, i thought it was appropriate that i Re-introduce myself! I have been a member of ADISC back when it was TBDL. But for the last 12-18months i havent really been on the site much because of various problems going on in my life at the moment. I am hoping to try and become a more...
  2. diapermefast

    Learning the Bass Guitar

    Ok, ive finally decided to learn to play the Bass guitar, i have brought a Guitar and a Amp and am all set to go. Im unsure on the best way to learn, i) Get Paid for Lessons ii) Attempt to teach myself iii) Try to learn from a friend Im sure someone out their on ADISC has experience with...
  3. diapermefast

    Quitting Smoking

    Does anybody have any good advice on quitting smoking?, i have been smoking for about 4-5years and smoke on average 20 a day, i have decided to call it a day and to quit, but i wanted to know from anybody that has quit? I have decided to quit mainly for my health, i have seen a couple of family...
  4. diapermefast

    Hello Again

    Just saying hello again, have just re-registered since the change from TBDL TO ADISC. HELLO ALL! :smile: