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  1. Dakota13

    So im out of diapers, what would you guys order?

    So i just finished up my order of crinklz, but wanting to try something else. Any suggestions?
  2. Dakota13

    Another crinklz question..... sizing wise

    So long time no see, i drop in every now and then and see whats going on. Due for some more diapers and want to try something new, and crinklz caught my eye. I usually run molicare super plus, and i tried mediums which fit pretty good. I heard that the crinklz run a little smaller so that for...
  3. Dakota13

    Ordering diapers from alibaba?

    so somehow i stumbled onto alibaba(No idea how), and ended up looking up diapers(duh, lol). Anyways i found these which appear to be orderable by the case of 40 diapers I like the pink, and i...
  4. Dakota13

    Abena L4 plastic backed vs Tena slip maxi large, what would you get?

    So ive been away for a while, lifes been pretty busy. Anyways ive been wanting to order some good diapers. Im kinda down to abena l4's or tena slip maxis. for those who have used them both what would you rather have?
  5. Dakota13

    I want to order some good diapers!

    Well I got a 50$ MasterCard giftcard and I think I've got enough gumption to order some good diapers. My first question is: if I order a pack of diapers how big are they in a box? I've been looking at bambinos but they are 2$ a diaper compared to other good ones. Any other suggestions? I've...
  6. Dakota13

    XP Medical

    Here's the deal, I've been considering ordering 2 sample packs from xp medical and had a question. Do they shipping rob you? I've had issues with buying from sites and having them charge like 15 bucks for like a 15 dollar item. Also who do they deliver through? Thanks for the help.
  7. Dakota13

    Sleeping while diapered

    I tried wearing last night and just found it impossible to fall asleep. Does anyone else have this problem? Any solutions? I appreciate the help, Dakota.
  8. Dakota13

    Tena classic

    well lucky me, my local pharmacy started stocking them. I have a 40" waist and all they have is larges. My question is do you think they will be to big? They're only 9 for 12 diapers, figured it would be worth a shot. Are they worth getting? The best other than that are attends breathables...
  9. Dakota13


    Well I've found a place that carries attends, I was just wondering if they are a decent diaper. Also what kind of package do plastic pants usually come in?
  10. Dakota13

    Plastic pants

    I've been thinking about getting some plastic pants, but I really don't want to order dl/tb stuff online. So I was wondering if you can get plastic pants at store like walgreens/rite aid or local pharmacies? I appreciate the help.
  11. Dakota13

    Failed run

    Well I figured it be a perfect day to go get some diapers, well it didn't workout. I had everthing perfectly planned (guess not) got to the store in record time on my bike. I got to the store bought some of the walgreens brand overnights went to put them in my back pack and they didn't fit...
  12. Dakota13

    New depends?

    Well today I went to local walmart and they had the depends max in a new orange package, I also saw some where like a new fitted brief that was like a super plus version they where a frog green not the old style color(not at walmart) if I can find the pictures I'll post them up. So has anyone...
  13. Dakota13


    I dont think there is a tv thread so i figured this is as good as anywhere else to put it. Does anyone else watch naruto? Though it seems it has been dissappearing lately, when toonami went so did the weekly episodes, now there is only one every now and then.
  14. Dakota13

    cloth backed diapers?

    Well im down to my last 2 depends max and i may be getting some more diapers soon. Now I was hoping to find some diapers with velcro tabs that refastened because with the depends you just cant after a while. Are there any places that may sell them locally?like a walgreens or rite aid? If not i...
  15. Dakota13


    I may go to walgreens within a week or two, and i was wondering what kind of diaper i should pick up. I know they have depends max, but wasnt sure what else is worth getting there. Appreciate the help.
  16. Dakota13

    What luck!

    I guess my luck is good again found a 1/4 if a package of goodnights boys on top of the over full dumpster, we had some people that where leaving. The cool part is at that they where still brand new in the package.