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    Home Internet prices? What do you pay and what do you have?

    £20/month for unlimited fibre (68up/17down actual speeds) + £12/month for line rental. £3.33/month for fast vpn and the world is my oyster. £12/month for Giffgaff mobile 'unlimited' data - done several gig in a day streaming twitch and they didn't seem to care.
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    UK - no more DryNites L/XL?

    No issues here. Drynites website still has all the sizes clearly displayed - I wouldn't say that only the smaller sizes are the only ones prominently pictured.
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    AB & DL New Year's Resolution

    Stop drinking alcohol. Plain and simple. If I can manage dry January I'll be chuffed, if I can do the whole year I'll be proud to bits of myself.
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    New 8-15 Drynites in UK

    They look pretty cool. Both Boots and Sainsburys seem to have them. You can tell the new pack by the little picture of a drynite in the blue circle - at the bottom right of the pack (as shown in sambus' picture above). The packs with the older designs don't have the little picture in a blue...
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    Where did you get your plushie

    My current teddy I bought in Hamleys in London (an awesome store - biggest toy store in the world and a floor just for stuffed animals). Normal teddy bear size. My other teddy is one I had from when I was a baby - so who knows where he came from!
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    What is your favorite music to listen to

    Drum & bass, breaks, trance, psy-trance and psy-breaks. Anything without singing in it, basically.
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    Running a speedy i5 2500k churning away at a nice 4.33Ghz; 8gb ram, 2tb hard-drive, GTX 570. 28" and 24" monitors - because I can! Brand I forget - they actually went into administration days after my computer arrived! Win 7. Never had a problem. I should turn my old Athlon 2100+ beast (10.5...
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    Greifing in online video games.

    Recently, what with the plethora of hackers that have invaded MW3 for PC, I have started tubing like a boss. Almost up to 500 kills with the XM25 in just a few days! Annoying as buggery for other players but funny as hell for me, even when I'm getting wallhacked/aimbotted to death all the time.
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    Hello again

    Hello again. I posted an intro a few years ago (back in 2008), however I haven't really been that active since. I've always been quite a lurker, but I've decided to become bit more active again, hence I thought I'd redo an intro post. I'm a research scientist - I spend all day in a lab making...
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    Have I really consumed this much water? [Oh, and part one of markdude has no life >.>]

    I also recently received a nice letter from my friends Severn Trent, according to it I've used 20000litres in 200days, 100L/day! Shocking. Similar to markdude, I'm on my own - 2 bed appartment, no dishwasher, shower etc.. Admittingly I have a shower at least once I day, but no more than...
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    Do you take off the same way you put on??

    Exatamondo. This man speaks the truth.
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    Cnut, Fkuc, Siht! [Caution: Contains Severe Expletives]

    As Charlie mentioned, 'twat' is a great word. Fuck is probably the most used of all swears that I utter. However, nothing really beats uttering 'cunt' (or some variant of) on the rare occasion when it truly fits. I have a filthy mouth. >_>
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    Your favorite (fake) pickup lines.

    I've lost my teddybear, can I sleep with you tonight?
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    Evenings, always. I'm far from a morning person, getting up at 8:30 is bad enough as it is, let alone getting up 1/2 an hour earlier! You'd think that simply going to bed 1/2 an hour earlier and thus having the time to shower would work, but for some reason I don't work like that. I just don't...
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    Your underwear

    Briefs. I don't like boxers at all. I haven't tried boxer-briefs, yet. I'm rather liking this 80's/retro/street-style (or whatever it is) current fashion trend, there are some rather awesome adult size childish style underware around.
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    Your Personality

    I like these type of threads, it's always interesting seeing what people are like. Here's mine;
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    What's Your Home Heating Source?

    Bog standard natural gas central heating, here. Although at present my boiler doesn't want to bother heating the water, rather it just prefers to pump cold water round the system instead - how useful. Good thing my computer is an effective space heater!
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    Right handed, Left handed or both?

    Full-on leftie here. Speaking of which, I should get myself another one of those left handed rulers (e.g. here), the last one I had really was quite useful.`
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    Hmmm, Marmite, lovely stuff. No better way to start my morning than with two slices of buttered toast totally slathered with marmite. Marmite and cheese sandwiches for lunch are also great (with, if I'm feeling special, some prawn cocktail crisps in as well - perfect for making some of my...
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    Ah! Firefox is screwing me over!

    Ahh, the 'awesome bar'. You can disable it quite easily, there's two options in this link here.