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  1. lilzander382

    Crib arrived today

    so my baby guard rail crib finally arived today after 40 plus days from China. It needs some work to secure it further. I think and hope i will have my best night sleep knowing that I am fully surrounded by something to protect us babies!!!!!! (pulling out my best footies now)
  2. lilzander382

    Reborn dolls

    Just curious if anyone else here has or thought of ordering a reborn doll? For those that don't know what a reborn doll is, it is a life like doll of a baby (usually a newborn through 1 year, and sometimes up to toddler). They are very realistic in their features. I must admit that back in...
  3. lilzander382

    Wet disposable vs Wet cloth

    So I woke this morning with a very wet and bulging crinkles disposable. As I was lying in bed enjoying the feeling of the bulging diaper, I was noticing this time that although I knew the diaper was wet, I did not feel the wetness and thus I was not uncomfortable by the wet diaper as...
  4. lilzander382

    So, my 12 y/o figured me out last night

    My 12 year old son figured me out last night. He had a few questions, including "am I the only one"... of course not. I told him no and that there is are a few websites setup for this. I told him that this is something I have been struggling with since my early teens in the 90's, He asked me...
  5. lilzander382

    toilet retraining (Rearz Trainers)

    I literally peeded my Raears trainers as I ran to the toighlet, The trainers held the moister as I ran to the toilet. I have been 24/7 for a couple of years now I was planing potty training today when I put on the potty trainers. I put on the trainers at about 2:00[pm, and at about 5:00pm, I...
  6. lilzander382

    New baby gear!!!!!!

    Why is always so exciting to buy and order new baby gear? Yesterday I bought 4 new replacement MaM pacis from Walmart. My others were getting old and worn out. The silicon was discolored and they had lost the texturing. The idea of new ones with the nipple still white and clear and the micro...
  7. lilzander382

    New found photos of me as a baby

    So my grandmother passed this past week, and that was part of my July 4th weekend. Please know body say any condolences as this is not what this post is about. At any rate, apparently, my parents were holding onto a lot of photos my grandparents had of me and it took my Aunt and cousin to...
  8. lilzander382

    Wearing 24/7 and the occasional underwear use

    For those of you who wear 24/7 and then find yourself in a situation where you need to wear regular underwear instead, do you find that the underwear just feels weird and uncomfortable? I found myself in that situation this past weekend when I went swimming and it just wasn't practical to...
  9. lilzander382

    What adult diapers most resemble pampers

    Anyone know of any adult diapers that somewhat resembles pampers look and feel and similar style of prints?
  10. lilzander382

    Goodnight all Babies

    Goodnight all babies out their. Enjoy your paci's or your ba-ba's and your lil bed (or crib) as you go to sleep. Who all looks forward to this moment of bedtime and why?
  11. lilzander382

    Paci advise

    I am looking for more paci advise. I cannot stand quote adult size pacis because one, they cause me to gauge, and two they all decompress and require a pulling the backing off to fill them back up again. They are all cheaply made and don't do the job like real baby paci's do. I used to like...