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  1. TB4eva

    What languages do you speak?

    I speak some german some fraises enigh to get by in germany order food get direction etc. very very very basic french.
  2. TB4eva

    Thanks for the add.

    Thanks for the add.
  3. TB4eva

    Thanks for the add.

    Thanks for the add.
  4. TB4eva

    Iron maiden

    I was in the sitting top right. There were 4 of us. I was wearing a trooper top.
  5. TB4eva

    Iron maiden

    They got this huge mummy out that had explosions coming out of it's eye's. The even got eddie (the mascott out). It was great.
  6. TB4eva

    UK People - Who's your mobile service provider?

    Tesco mobile.
  7. TB4eva

    Iron maiden

    Just saw there conset on july 5th any one else watch it? Fitrst time i have ever seen them live.
  8. TB4eva

    Coke or Pepsi?

    There is no major difference. Well none I can taste.
  9. TB4eva


    I have a lurcher (grayhound cross) called sam. A hamster called rodger. Two geribiles Starsky and Hutch.
  10. TB4eva

    Worst star

    Britney is the worst in my opinion.
  11. TB4eva

    Stress Relief?

    There is a huge hill with a lake at the bottom. There is a big drop at the end of the hill. Runnung down the hill and landing in the is a good way I reilive stress. Because I Forget about everything else around me.
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  13. TB4eva

    which is better. disposable or cloth

    I ussually use disposable. But baught some cloth online. I loved it. But had to dispose of them due to the fact they almost got me caught.
  14. TB4eva

    What's your dream car?

    The orgional bluebird rocket car.
  15. TB4eva

    The Funniest Song Title Ever Thread

    what if god smoked cannabis- weird al
  16. TB4eva

    irrational fears

    Yeah i used to be but I stopped after a while.
  17. TB4eva

    irrational fears

    Clostriphobia. Thats it really. Not amazingly but if space gets too small i start have trouble breathing. But must be very tight space.
  18. TB4eva

    Your views on Christianity?

    Only reason no is that it contridicts its self.
  19. TB4eva


    I am on the rugby team. A prop nuber 8. Apart from that anothing else particular different. I go to school. In and out of relationships. Good grades. Like using computer. Sometimes play basket ball. well thats me.
  20. TB4eva


    Just reaized i have not made an Introduction so... Hi