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  1. vampiresdiaper7

    Show us your desktop

    The items that have been blurred out are just work related items.
  2. vampiresdiaper7

    how to tell somone?

    I got lucky when I told my best friend and my gf. They both happened to be cool with it which was kind of shocking. They were ok with it b/c they were into other stuff rele close to it.
  3. vampiresdiaper7

    Getting to know your fellow ADISCers

    BASIC FACTS 01 What time is it? 3:31PM 02 Name: John 03 Nickname: The J Man 04 Hair color: black 05 Eye color: blue 06 Height: 5' 4'' 07 Weight: 125lbs 08 Shoe size: 11W 09 Glasses or contacts: glasses 10 Piercing/Tattoo: none 11 Current residence: Valley Park, MO (i think is what I put) 12...
  4. vampiresdiaper7

    Wii Versus PS3

    I would say Wii most definitely.
  5. vampiresdiaper7

    Your Sexuality

    I am straight. thats all I have to say.
  6. vampiresdiaper7

    Super Bowl

    Who do u think is going to win the Super Bowl? I think the patriots r going to win.
  7. vampiresdiaper7

    Views on Religion

    I am agreeing with him on this one.. I am a Christian but still searching for answers.
  8. vampiresdiaper7

    The Lyrics Game!

    "Celebrate good times, come on! It's a celebration Celebrate good times, come on! Let's celebrate" Celebration/Kool & the Gang
  9. vampiresdiaper7

    Are you wearing now?

    Unfortunately I will have to say no.