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  1. BabyTyrant

    Whats the most ridiculous thing youve experienced?

    As an AB, DL, Little, or whatever you would call yourself if you had to use a Label Mine happened after I had busted once or twice about Wearing Diapers by my Mom There was a radio commercial about "Dora" (I think it was Dora anyways, it was several years ago when Dora seemed to see a...
  2. BabyTyrant

    People rewarding Anti-Consumer practices

    Am I the only one that hates this? I'm talking about Micro-Transactions (moreso when its stuff besides just Cosmetic items, like say a character being in some type of Monetized Loot Box) and also DLC that doesnt actually seem like its extra content If a game lacks any Depth and Post Game...
  3. BabyTyrant

    Another layoff to be announced

    Ugh, I'm not even done with 2 full weeks of work, and they already have papers up looking for volunteers to the next lay off Once they have their list of volunteers they will see how many people are needed for limited production for 2 weeks, and anyone unnecessary is gonna have to take the...
  4. BabyTyrant

    Best lower capacity Diapers?

    In intrigued into getting something less absorbent than what I normally wear so I can get padded after work and not feel like I would be wasting a more expensive diaper like an expensive ABDL Diaper I'm in the US and it's been years since I have had anything besides quality ABDL Diapers
  5. BabyTyrant

    Connecting with Local ABDLs?

    I'm kind of on the fence if I should connect with ABDLs in my area On the one hand it would be nice to have people in person to connect with that share my ABDL interests On the other hand, in real life I am not quite as social as I am online, and I tend to overthink things and think about all...
  6. BabyTyrant

    Feeling Helpless

    Is it weird to sometimes get deep into Regression or "Little Space" and end up leaking unexpectedly quick and feel so relaxed and unstressed while doing it? It's literally like my Adult stresses have disappeared at the same time
  7. BabyTyrant

    Pokemon is going the DLC Route

    Yup, charging you $50 or $60 for a short base game, and $30 for a DLC Pack that will be released in 2 halves. One positive is that the 200+ that werent in the base game at launch can be traded for.
  8. BabyTyrant

    Games you would like on a system you own?

    Let's say there is a game or entire series not on a system you have that you wish was on that system, what are those Games? For me, I wish the Switch had Paper Mario, and Mario and Luigi. All the Paper Mario game released are on older systems and it would be great to have one on the Switch...
  9. BabyTyrant

    How do you feel compared to Siblings?

    How do you feel compared to your Siblings (brothers, Sisters, etc)? Like I cant say I know very much about a lot of my family members, but within me and my 4 Brothers, 2 of my Brothers got into Drugs (and I'm not talking Booze and Weed) and have done some Questionable/Bad things (1 of them is...
  10. BabyTyrant

    Why do some people seem averse to Japanese Games?

    It seems like most Japanese games that see release out West (in whatever the popular language is in that country) just don't get the kind of sales you would expect For example Dragon Quest is still a mostly unknown series in this part if the world, with sales in the Low Millions (I have a...
  11. BabyTyrant

    I don't feel like doing anything

    I literally dont feel like doing anything right now, I wish I could find some enjoyment in something, but I just feel like getting back into bed and going to sleep. It's not for lack of things I could be doing, I just cant bring myself to do anything I feel is just going to be to kill time.
  12. BabyTyrant

    Your ideal situation?

    Let's say you happened to find the perfect partner that would let you enjoy your ABDL Side as much as you wanted to How much time would you devote to your ABDL Side, would you have a more strict (laid out) schedule, let them take control and set rules? For me, I wouldn't want to go 24/7 or "Be...
  13. BabyTyrant

    Reflections of what has happened this year

    Idk if I am the only one, but I keep thinking about the things that have happened this year like the good things, the bad things, etc. And thinking forward to the future I cant help but get stressed out already, I suppose it started out like a typical year, but it has taken a bad turn...
  14. BabyTyrant

    CGs (Mommies, Daddies), where do you draw the line?

    I'm wondering where the CG Types "Draw The Line" when it comes to taking Care for their ABDLs/Littles/whatever I imagine it varies quite a bit from person to person and I imagine might be Dependent on how willing one is to try to keep the other Happy in a relationship (for example exceptions...
  15. BabyTyrant

    Best value boosters?

    Has anyone looked into what the best value boosters would be? Sometimes that performs very good without costing a huge amount? I see some Boosters cost as much as a good Diaper does by itself, and I'm kinda thinking they cant be 3x as good as the cheaper boosters, but I have never had actual...
  16. BabyTyrant

    ABU is doing 4 Tape Kiddos So they are doing 4 Tape Kiddos now (they are not killing off the 2-Tape Version) Just a small Test Run for now it seems (probably to gauge interest, if they sell well I think they will do more and expand their sizes) and only in Size M I would...
  17. BabyTyrant

    Little/Regression Age Range?

    Anyone either not have an exact Little/Age Regression range, or perhaps have a rather wide range? I dont always think of Regressing when I Diaper up, sometimes I will just relax in a more Childlike manner and watch Cartoons and play Kid Friendly Games, other times I'm watching more mature...
  18. BabyTyrant

    Diaper Tier Lists?

    I'm curious if you guys had to come up with a Tier List of Diapers, like a Letter Grade applied to Diapers of a certain quality, reliability, and Absorbency, how would your system go? For me I would go with S as the Top rank and go down from there So for me S - Ultra Diapers, basically...
  19. BabyTyrant

    Goals for 2020?

    Since its almost 2020 I would like to know if anyone has any goals for 2020? Is there anything you feel you messed up in 2019? Anything you are looking to improve on going forward? For me its finances, I got into a bit of a cycle with having a better job, getting some overtime, overspending...
  20. BabyTyrant

    Best games of 2019?

    I have been Playing Borderlands 3 a lot over the last 2 weeks; I haven't enjoyed anything quite so much in a long time and it was the 1st Borderlands I sunk any serious time in. I liked it so much I will definitely be looking forward to the next one (although its probably gonna be a while) The...