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  1. ChrisKrinkle

    10 Days in Diapers...

    This is big for me. I have never made it past 5 days in diapers. I have decided that I want to take it to the new year! I've been diapered since Friday night. Are there any Mommy/ Daddy types , or any one recently 24/7 that would like to private message me each day to keep me going?? I don't...
  2. ChrisKrinkle

    ABU Kiddo

    How is the most recent batch? Are they similar to SDK? How is the texture? They dont have that crappy vinyl plastic feel do they?
  3. ChrisKrinkle

    Miley grew up!

    I have never been a Miley Cyrus fan. Yes, I did like her Dads music, and I grew to like her as a person once she started acting like a baby 😁. But I must say, I am ADDITICTED to her new song...Slide Away. The first time I heard it I was thinking wow, what a beautiful song...who Is that? I was...
  4. ChrisKrinkle

    Might be time to try 24/7..Again

    I have only made it to 5 days so far the last couple times I tried. I got diapered up last night, and this morning I am content being diapered. So, it's a short work week and a holiday. Plus, it's cold so good diaper weather. It might be a good time to finally make it to the illusive SEVEN! I...
  5. ChrisKrinkle


    Hi. I just recently got into wearing onsies...after finding some that fit right. I like them...makes me feel very baby! Question though...what is the purpose of the snaps on the shoulder??
  6. ChrisKrinkle

    Day 4 of a 7 Day Stint, Need Encouraging

    So I am starting day 4 of a 24/7 trial run for one week. I am doing some wetting, no messing. It's been pretty good. Everytime I think I want to give up, I decide to stay with it! I wear diapers alot, but this will be the first time 24/7. Tomorrow will officially be my longest time at 5 days...
  7. ChrisKrinkle

    Where to find this Pacifier

    See this big red pacifier? Anyone know where I can find one?
  8. ChrisKrinkle

    Relaxing In Baby Mode...Wetting Bliss

    Spending the weekend chilljng in my diapers, got the house to myself tonight. Wearing a Cushies diaper, slipped on a nice sissy baby dress, clipped on paci. Drinking from my baby bottle with cute zebra... Sitting listening to tunes, I notice I dont have to try to just flows...
  9. ChrisKrinkle

    Help ID a diaper

    Can anyone ID this diaper? All white, plastic, white tapes, was told only good for daytime Use
  10. ChrisKrinkle

    Answered the door in Diapers!

    So, on my day off, I am sitting in my living room watching TV. I am wearing just a diaper, my pink PAMPERS T-shirt with my pacifier clipped to it. I hear someone knock on the door at the unit next to me. A few moments later, this guy is walking to my door. I get up and meet him at the door. I...
  11. ChrisKrinkle

    Maybe Meeting Daddy Tomorrow!

    I am mostly a DL, with the occasional desire to dress like a baby in something pink and frilly and drink from a bottle, suck on a pacifier. I have tried in the past to get into "little" mode but it is hard for me to do, especially when I am all by myself. I know a couple of diaper friends...
  12. ChrisKrinkle

    Spent a hot day in Diapers

    Its been 90 and humid all day. I wanted stay diapered to see how it was. In shorts and T Shirt and a Super Dry Kid it was not really that bad. I even took a 2 mile walk with wife and kid. A little sweaty...but not uncomfortable
  13. ChrisKrinkle

    Zima Is Coming Back

    Yup. For the summer! For those that remember this 90s clear malt will be on package store shelves between June 12 and July 4...only to go away again after Labor Day. I LOVED this drink. On a hot day...over ice...cant wait! Get the yacht rock ready!
  14. ChrisKrinkle

    Bambinos...current quality

    Need to re supply my diaper stash. Was thinking of some Bellisimos again this time. The last time i stayed away due to reading a bad review of tapes. So. Anyone get any recently? How is the batch? Dont worry Casey..ill be calling you guys too!
  15. ChrisKrinkle

    Cant believe what happend last night!

    Last night I did not wear a diaper to bed...just wasnt into it I guess. So...I am fully dream mode. I vividly recall that in my DREAM I was in a bathroom standing in front of a toilet. I was doing number 1. Suddenly...I was jolted out of sleep and awakened by the realization that...
  16. ChrisKrinkle

    Hoping to wet the bed tonight....

    Well, at least in my diaper :-) I have been spending the weekend in diapers. Its been wonderful. Lots of wet diapers, even messy. Its been lots of fun. The one thing I have not yet accomplished in my diapers is to wet when sleeping. So, tonight, I am going to drink a lot of water, double-diaper...
  17. ChrisKrinkle

    Cant Wait for the Weekend

    Its going to a great weekend. I have the house to myself! Even though my wife knows about my diapers it will fun. I have confined myself to my diapers. Starting toilet until Sunday night!
  18. ChrisKrinkle

    Diaper Related Holiday Gift?

    Hi. Hope all had a great holiday! Did any one get diaper or AB related goodies as a gift? My awesome wife got me a case of ABUs (i had to order them though), a bottle of JJ baby powder and a 4 pack of new Evenflow bottles
  19. ChrisKrinkle

    Going for first week long 24/7

    I have all next week off (YAY) I figured it was a good time to try and go 24/7 for the first time. I have gone about 3 days...that's the longest so far. I went to bed diapered last night, so I guess now I am stuck :smile1: Only tough part will be the two Christmas evenents with family. Ill...
  20. ChrisKrinkle

    Diaper Themed Phone Sounds!

    I found one of those apps that allows you to record sound and make them into ringtones/alerts. my phones ringtone is the chorus to the "pamper me..put me in diapers" song..and my text alert is the sound of me untaping and retaping my Bambino diaper !