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  1. SgtOddball

    Ordering Diapers/Nappies to an Amazon Lockbox

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has a. ordered Incontinence products to an Amazon Lockbox and b. whether it is advisable, keeping in mind that I'd be trying to be discreet.
  2. SgtOddball

    For those Sci-fi nerds out there, what is your favourite starship?

    As the thread title says, what is your favourite starship? This can be a named ship, and/or a class of ship and doesn't need to stick with the canon of any series. Going into both categories, my favourite class of starship is the Imperial-II class Star Destroyer, while my favourite named...
  3. SgtOddball

    Nappy Deliveries and DPD - UK

    Got a question around DPD, since I plan on getting more Nappies/Diapers at some point and need a good way of sneaking them into the house without getting caught. Of course the question: Will DPD put the package into a safe place or does it need to be signed for before they can hand it over?
  4. SgtOddball

    Hello from the UK

    Hello everyone, I'm SgtOddball (I watch a lot of War Movies :P) and I'm new to these forums (obviously). I'm a DL, 24 and live in Lincolnshire in the UK, and have in an interest in Gaming, such as Pokémon, Star Citizen, War Thunder and the like. As part of my time I also like to do some reading...