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  1. carstoncouche

    Anyone seen Betterdry in XL in USA yet?

    I personally would love to be able to buy XL BetterDry diapers from, but I don't mind that they don't carry them right now. Like Adam mentioned, they have many other new products including the excellent MegaMax diapers which are available in XL. Still, I do love a "classic"...
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  8. carstoncouche

    Tumblr Users

    To save time I'm just going to cut & paste my comment from my main Tumblr: Tumblr hysteria? I’m beginning to think this Tumblr / Adult Content issue may not be that big of a deal for most ABDLs. Why? Much of the panic revolves around the idea that you need to back-up all your content before...
  9. carstoncouche

    Simple Ultra VS ABU Simple

    You live in a place where the speed limit is 60, and with luck you can find a time & place where you can get away with going 100. Your choice is a car that can do 140 (Simple) or a more expensive car that can do 180 (Simple Ultra). Both offer performance far beyond what you can typically use...
  10. carstoncouche

    Abu onesies

    I like my onsies snug, so for me thier sizing is a bit big. I'm 6'2", 200+ lbs and my "perfect size" is a small tall. I love the regular vs. tall option because I can get a nice snug fit that actually fits the length of my torso. Great product- materials & production quality are top-notch!
  11. carstoncouche

    I made an ABDL quiz. Tell me if it could use and changes

    Pretty darn good questions for a fairly simple quiz. We always want more depth & more possible answers, but you kept it simple & fun without forcing anyone into responses that just don't fit their personality. ?Possible glitch?? I tried twice (and endured the obligatory shampoo ad twice :)...
  12. carstoncouche

    Two day road trip without diapers.....UGGGGH

    I can't imagine a road trip without diapers. Even if your destination isn't diaper-friendly you can always stop before arriving to take off your driving diaper!
  13. carstoncouche

    High-rise/waist plastic pants

    I also love the Leakmasters line, especially the heavier Deluxe model. Another great source is
  14. carstoncouche

    Diaper hoarding, anyone else experience this?

    I'm going to cry myself to sleep thinking about those "lost" bags of Molicares, lol. It makes me wonder though- I ALWAYS pop into every thrift store I see when I'm on a vacation road-trip. What would I do if I came across 25 packs of purple Molicares? OMG, I don't know. I guess I'd rent a...
  15. carstoncouche

    Diaper hoarding, anyone else experience this?

    I "stockpile" & "hoard". I missed out on stockpiling the classic purple Molicares, which feels like a major tragedy to me. So now I do both (?hoardpile?) with Abena Abri-Form M-4 & L-4s. Otherwise, I definitely hoard. I have 100's of cheap, thin diapers bought at thrift stores. They're...
  16. carstoncouche

    Northshore Deal

    I was one of the lucky ones who saw this discount on a Reddit thread & immediately jumped in to make a large purchase. I figured it might be "too good to be true", but I may as well try. . . Not surprised that Northshore ended the promotion, especially seeing as it was meant as a focused...
  17. carstoncouche

    Plastic pants?

    Baby powder is the best bet to prevent plastic pants from sticking to your skin. Avoid moisturizers & lubricants as they may damage or weaken your plastic pants, or at least clean them gently after you use them.
  18. carstoncouche

    Plastic pants?

    Babykins [], Adult Cloth Diaper Co. [], & Fetware [] all have good-quality plastic pants in very large sizes. All 3 companies are great, but if you are...
  19. carstoncouche

    Wrong spot for that

    @Carniflex Ouch, that sounds like it would hurt my "male anatomy"! I've never shopped around- how much would it cost to get a bigger one? ;)
  20. carstoncouche

    PeekABU delayed :(

    @Squshy Tushy OLD ABU got ALL my money, it was great ! I loved them forever, NEVER got burned, i would always order and ALWAYS received my stuff . . . but it was probably me that put them out of business because i ABUSED all the coupons oppurtunities i got, and i got them ALL... and so i had SO...