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  1. T00L

    new Yuyun diapers

    In addition to pics a link to where you got them would also be appreciated
  2. T00L

    What is up

    What is up
  3. T00L

    hey dork

    hey dork
  4. T00L

    What's the best thing you've ever won?

    Mostly MTG related stuff. Won a trophy for a team competition once. Also won several expensive ($200+) cards before in various tournaments.
  5. T00L

    DPF, rest in peace...

  6. T00L

    Dude did you get my PMs?

    Dude did you get my PMs?
  7. T00L

    Facebook Group

    I'm not your friend on facebook does that mean you don't like me? :( lol
  8. T00L

    ooooh sounds cool :)

    ooooh sounds cool :)
  9. T00L

    Out of curiousity what exactly is puppy play?

    Out of curiousity what exactly is puppy play?
  10. T00L

    What was the first diaper you've ever bought?!

    It was January of 2002. I was a junior in high school and I went after school one day to Brooks (now Rite Aid) to get some. I remember I was listening to Hatebreed on my CD walkman to get myself pumped up. I went into the store and proceeded to accidently buy Depends pull-ups instead of diapers...
  11. T00L

    Trouble using my Bambinos

    The way I got over not being able to pee in bed was at first i'd pee kneeling in my bed then after that I moved to getting used to doing it on my hands in and knees in bed and then worked my way to being able to do it laying down on my stomach. I still can't manage to pee while laying on my back...
  12. T00L

    Anyone like YuGiOh Abridged?

    It is lolz
  13. T00L

    Which would you prefer??? <Your Perfect Fantasy World>

    Fantasies are obviously better than real life :P
  14. T00L

    My New Blog... (& Annies, too!)

    My my
  15. T00L

    Can you sleep while diapered?

    I find I sleep better when diapered
  16. T00L

    Diaper stuffing, the not-for-the-faint-of-heart way (read: huge absorbency boost)

    I just duct taped the slit in the back closed :) Also it worked surprisingly well. I stuffed a underjam into an attends and wore it all night.
  17. T00L

    Diaper stuffing, the not-for-the-faint-of-heart way (read: huge absorbency boost)

    Wow thats definitely one of the cooler things i've seen in a long time. Its pretty hard to impress me :P
  18. T00L

    What cellphone do you have?

    Dying for your sins...there's an app for that
  19. T00L

    Swine flu, are you worried?

    I've had the flu before its not that bad :P Also: Click here to find out if you have swine flu!