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    Where are you on the global fat scale?

    BBC News - Where are you on the global fat scale? My results: If I use my weight from last year, I'm actually lower than even the lowest average for any other country, but as of now there are three countries below me. Where do you fit?
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    What do people have against shrinks?

    I'm always really confused by people when they are told by their parents that they need to see a shrink when they got caught. I always saw it as a good thing, but people always react like it's a god-awful thing. One recent thread said it was an "extreme measure", which I thought was bizarre. It...
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    Teddies vs. Bellissimos

    I was hanging out with Komodo and today we started talking about Bambino's Bellissimos, since they just got to Canada finally. According B4NS's page, the Teddies are from the new line. Does that mean that the Teddies and Bellissimos are the same in all but the print on the front, or are the...
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    LGB... and T?

    So this has been bugging me for a while, and I might have asked about it before. Why are transgender people considered to be the same "group" as gay, lesbian and bi people? I really don't see the connection. The issues of their respective fields are totally different, the way I see it. To me...
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    Article System vs. The Wiki

    So I just saw a thread from about a year ago where the article system was just being introduced. No one except the people involved in introducing it seemed to actually like it. The article system has been up a fairly long time and people have gotten a chance to get used to it, so I'm wondering...
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    Little bedding

    I got this idea from the sissy section. Anyone have bedding that's not exactly "age-appropriate"? :P I got these for university, because my queen size sheets were too big for my bed here: My older brother laughed, but my younger brother thought they were cool. My mom said they were cute. I...
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    Bug Report Still no notifications...

    Must all be in my head then... P.S. Could you give me a chance to respond next time, please? I'm also not receiving them when someone PMs me, so the problem is still there, either way. Why wouldn't moderated members receive quote noticifications, anyway?
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    Bug Report Notifications.

    Not sure if it's because I'm moderated, but I don't seem to get notifications. I have to manually check my inbox at intervals to see if I got anything new, which gets a bit tedious.
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    Founding Fathers

    Someone want to explain to me why exactly the founding fathers' opinions matter so much to the U.S.? It seems like such an arbitrary argument to me. Shouldn't it only matter what the country thinks now, and how best to advance from this point forward? If the founding fathers hated bacon, should...
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    Technical Question Modded avatars, profiles, blogs and e-mails

    These are all related to being modded. So... do modded people not get avatars anymore, or what? I only have a little bubble that asks if I want to opt-out of having an avatar, but nothing to actually change it. If the goal is for modded members to integrate into the community (which I assume is...
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    So Near told me my ban thingy was up.

    So yeah... I guess he wasn't lying. Any questions, post to the section below, I guess. I'll answer when I can, and you guys will need to wait for the powers that be to decide if your eyes are ready to be astounded by my fantasmagorical mind.
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    Bug Report Editing posts make <br> pop up

    When posts are edited with the new update, sometimes a <br> is added where there are spaces. I can't seem to replicate it in this thread. ._.
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    The reaction to Taboo

    A follow-up to: So it seems that the radio station we listen to at work saw the episode of Taboo, and they are not generally very nice people. The reason we listen to them is because they just rip into anything that's not normal. I...
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    Left 4 Dead 2 meets Ocarina of Time?

    Kokiri Forest (L4D2) - This will make you nostalgia so hard you'll forget there are zombies and start looking for important items, such as the Kokiri Sword (which is actually in a chest where it's supposed to be). The hearts heal you for 5 health, but the safehouse you start in has...
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    Suggestion Skip to searched post

    On the rare occasions that I use the search function, I find this to be extremely irksome. If you find the thread that you're looking for and it's a really long thread, or part of a story, then it becomes extremely tedious to find the post you're looking for. Is there a way to skip to the first...
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    Sort of, but not quite. I shaved my entire body today. Everything from the neck down (well... except my back, for obvious reasons). It cost me $90, (which I think was completely justified considering how well the razor in this kit I bought shaved the yeti hair on my legs right off) and took me...
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    Bug Report Settings > [Edit Email] and Password

    When I click the button that says Edit Email and Password it only gives an option to edit my password. I recently made a new e-mail specifically for sites like this, as the old one was getting bogged down by junk e-mail, and it won't let me change it in the settings.
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    Bug Report Removed from all social goups?

    So I scrolled lower on the page today and saw "You are currently not a member of a social group." I was a part of like 30 of them a day or two ago (even if I couldn't actually enter any of them, or check the messages :tongueout:). Did anyone else get mass-removed from the groups, or is it...
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    Am I back?

    I'm undecided on this. On the one hand, I've pretty much completely isolated myself in real life. I have only around 5 people on my MSN list left, one of whom has moved to California, one that I met on a plane back from Europe, a guy from Toronto who hasn't logged in for a while, one guy I'm...
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    Need help with a movie title

    I was watching the movie I got my sister for Christmas with her and my mom, Santa Paws. (Good movie. Little girl is cute and all, but the other girl, from Cory in the House, is such a terrible actress it kind of ruins some of it.) Anyway, I mentioned to my mom that kids movies are missing out on...