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  1. Nam Repaid

    And yet again another one, Bye Bye Mini Me!

    Verne Troyer has left this life and again the world seems a little less brighter.
  2. Nam Repaid

    Damm! Pampers have changed again!

    The recent Pampers had the "12 hours of protection" tag in the corner of the package while the newest version has "Extra Absorb Channels" and it is a wholly different diaper. The change will likely not affect babys, moms or slim ABDLs who use them whole but I use them as suffers and the new ones...
  3. Nam Repaid

    Damm stink bugs!

    So I'm watching a movie on TV while eating dinner, a shield shaped bug is crawling across the ceiling so I get a tissue and squash it. Bad move! My room reeks, my hands too even after three washings. I had no idea until I researched "shield shaped bug" on google. Asian stink bug an invasive...
  4. Nam Repaid

    Bug Report Possible malware?

    Every time I open a page in my Avast goes off with a threat has been detected alarm listing the following threat hxxp:// any reason? Thanks Nam
  5. Nam Repaid

    At the dentist today.

    I have terrible anxiety going to the dentist, being trapped in that chair but that's another story. Today i wen't for my biannual cleaning and while enduring the scraping and polishing some mess got on my face just below my lips in the right side and the girl doing the cleaning picked up the...
  6. Nam Repaid

    M-4 Abenas going down hill again!

    I opened a pack of M-4s from the case that recently arrived and all seemed good, plastic backed and all but they didn't fit right. Changing out the next morning I noticed there is no rear waistband elastic! CRAP! now their almost as bad as the Air-Plus. At least their still plastic but I doubt...
  7. Nam Repaid

    Pee Shy Topic

    I know there have been discussions here on pee shyness before but a search finds not them. I have been hashing this out with my shrink recently as it is a longtime issue in my life and I have a few questions for any others willing to share. Are you pee shy? Meaning do you have trouble going in...
  8. Nam Repaid

    What do you eat ADSIC?

    Thoughts inspired by XboxGamer123's thread got me wondering as this is a world wide fourm in a world of food both good and not so good for us. A brief poll at work showed everyone has vastly different eating habbits. What did you eat today? I'll do two days to get things started. Yesterday 7AM...
  9. Nam Repaid

    I saved a man's life today!

    I saved a man's life today! I was walking by the toolroom door, looked in the window and saw the toolmaker hunched over the lathe struggling wildly. I rushed in, the lathe is ten feet from the door, and by the time I got there his head was down on the ways and I could see his shirt was winding...
  10. Nam Repaid

    Shrinking World

    My therapist whom I've been seeing about ten years has been pushing me on the why of my DLism over the last few weeks. I have found this uncomfortable and annoying, though most useful sessions are, so I pushed back a bit today. When I told him a few years back he'd never heard of it so I felt he...
  11. Nam Repaid

    Cheep Depends

    A heads up for any CT Depends fans. I stopped by the Clinton Goodwill store on a road trip today and they had about 10 20 packs of sm-med for $5.99 ea. Not my thing as I'm well stocked on M-4s and 24/7s but a good deal if youre needin cheep diapers.
  12. Nam Repaid

    X-Mas & X-Plus

    Well OK M-4 since true and most awesome X-Pluses are a thing of the past. Alone (again) for the holiday with nowhere to go all day I set a new diapered record for myself. I put on an M-4 at 9:00PM local time Christmas eve and wore it until 5:00PM Christmas Day, something like 20 hours. I know...
  13. Nam Repaid

    Wasted 1000th

    I wasted my 1000th post here just for fun! I don't see it as bragging about me but rather a tribute to a group I like well enough to stay around this long. Thanks to all of ADISC for being here!
  14. Nam Repaid

    Raw Potatoes

    Raw Potatoes, anyone else like them that way? I'm snacking on one now. I never met anyone else that liked them.
  15. Nam Repaid

    Happy Earth Day 2010!

    How many recreational diaper enthusiasts are wearing cloth tonight? Or do you believe disposables are better for the environment? Maybe you think pollution is just a Republican myth to get you to spend more on pricey "eco-friendly" products to pad their wallets? It's been a year since this...
  16. Nam Repaid

    Changed forum software?

    The forum is pissing off my computer today. Warnings about my browser being outdated, nonsecure item warning boxex poping up etc.. Is ADSIC going new computer snobbish like some other sites? I run win98SE and IE6.0.2800, The best my poor P-III 800 can run, which is the best & only computer I can...
  17. Nam Repaid

    Filthy Footies!

    OK now I've got your attention with all sorts of wild dirty imaginings I'll get to the point. Do any others here have trouble with annoying little bits of stuff in the feet of your PJs? I find I must turn the legs inside out and shake them every night before putting them on or there is grit in...
  18. Nam Repaid

    Diapers and Stress Revisited

    Due to certain circumstances I have not slept diapered for a week and a half. My co-workers sayI’m “bitchey”, “grumpy” and “need to get laid”. I guess I have been a little less relaxed lately. Anyone else noticed this?
  19. Nam Repaid

    Drunk Again... I feel good!

    I know drinking problems have been adressed in past polls but... I and my shrink don't concider this a problem. We had a session and discussed it Thursday. I've been on a antibiotic for ten days. That means no alcohol so the drug can work properly. I had no problem with that but missed my wine...
  20. Nam Repaid

    Adult diapers My first in store experence.

    I’ve often gotten kids diapers in stores but always ordered my adult ones online. After reading stories by the members here of their purchases I decided I should give it a try. Though they list some of my favorites like Molicare and Tena ATN on their websites in other visits I saw the local...