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  1. Nam Repaid

    Any One Else Who Was Enrolled In 'Special Programs' When They Where Kids ?

    Yea! F'd my life up. I was a top student in my early years and took speed reading courses in the sixth grade, too soon to learn to look at sentences not words and my spelling grades fell in the eighth grade so my English teacher put me in a "special" English class for my freshman year. I got...
  2. Nam Repaid

    President elected in 2020?

    Just like the election process it's self, we have become a nation of polarized extremists and the outrageousness will escalate until the moderators step in. The US of A has no unbiased moderators...
  3. Nam Repaid

    President elected in 2020?

    Trump! Yea he ain't too great but my life is better than 3 years ago and until the opposition learns not to put up radicals who defy the principals upon the US of A was founded they will loose.
  4. Nam Repaid

    Matress protector

    I have a queen size mattress with a $20 range protector from Walmart that has plastic on the mattress side and fuzzy cloth on the user side. Alone the protector is way too hot so I use two regular mattress pads over it then a regular sheet and sleep comfortably.
  5. Nam Repaid

    Wearing nail polish as a man

    I did clear nail polish just for fun a few, er, 35 years ago, no one noticed but me.
  6. Nam Repaid

    What Are You Planning For This Holliday Season ?

    Hoping they pass quickly, the holidays were extra traumatic times growing up.
  7. Nam Repaid

    Pampers gender specific diapers

    I still have a few LUVs for girls from the mid 80s.
  8. Nam Repaid


    A Cargill dome... As to the OP no I like the secret forbidden aspect, living in a city full of people walking around wearing their waste around their waist is not too appealing.
  9. Nam Repaid

    The Winter thread

    We had a few nights in the teens, ice on the river banks in the back yard but back to 30s & 50s for now. I'll have to take a few pics next time the river freezes up .
  10. Nam Repaid

    The reveal thread

    100% agreed! Take great care in any coming out situation. Kid down the street got psyched up in coming out day hype last month, his parents weren't ready to accept a gay son and he stepped out in front of a fast train near my house. All the current pride push in the media claimed another young life.
  11. Nam Repaid

    How can we normalize the abdl lifestyle?

    "Normalizing" it would take the fun out of it!
  12. Nam Repaid

    Fear and love

    There are five levels, Physiological needs, such as food, oxygen, water, and sleep Safety needs, such as security, order, stability, and protection Belongingness and love needs, such as family, relationships, and affections Esteem needs, such as responsibility, achievement, reputation, and...
  13. Nam Repaid

    Are Socks Mandatory For You When Diapered?

    Bare foot when I can on all but the coldest nights. It's 35F out tonight and I wore flip flops to go get my dinner.
  14. Nam Repaid

    Old and in the way. abdl at age 50

    60 for me and it's just a number.
  15. Nam Repaid

    after your done wearing a diaper ?

    Usually I wipe & run.
  16. Nam Repaid

    Doing anything fun for Halloween?

    I've booked the day off work, I don't work Fridays so long weekend! No special plans just using up a vacation day as I'm not able to take more than one at a time.
  17. Nam Repaid

    House diaper

    All the time! I hang at home in just a diaper more often than not.
  18. Nam Repaid

    Mineral oil enema

    Oil enemas are serious business, and leakage for days after can be a thing. I have not and do not intend to try an oil enema but am an enema fan and belong to a forum for enthusiasts. I can't link here forum rules etc. but google for one, add Z, read and learn, above all play safe.
  19. Nam Repaid

    advice on buying a lathe?

    I have a WWII vintage Leblonde 13" that does most all I need except accursed metric threads. BAN THE METRIC SYSTEM! Back off rant any machine you can have in your home even if not top notch is rewarding to guys like us.
  20. Nam Repaid

    SIDF: Sleep In Diapers Friday

    In but a bit under diapered this month due to circumstances beyond my control I've no adult diapers for the last few weeks. Spending SDIF as the last many nights in a baby diaper with a custom extender strap, have to wet lightly & carefully.