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  1. tdlrfootedpjs

    Pullups on clearance at Walgreens

    I do not know how many people use pullups for stuffers and such but Walgreens has the big pack (40 pack) on clearance for $5.99. Just an FYI.
  2. tdlrfootedpjs

    New Version of Goodnites.

    Just to let those of you who use them know there is a new version of goodnites out in the stores. Instead of the 25% more stretchier statement on the front of the bag they now state "5 Layer Protection" which is an increase in absorbency. They are a bit thicker than the previous version in...
  3. tdlrfootedpjs

    Attention NH Littles....

    Just to let NH Littles know that the hooksett goodwill has a bunch of packages of Attends diapers size XL for sale. They are on the left side of the store over by the sheets, blankets, etc.... Hope this helps someone😄
  4. tdlrfootedpjs

    Custom plastic pants and bibs

    Hello all, I used to have someone I worked with thru ebay that would make custom plastic pants with character fabric on the front of them along with a matching bib or one or the other. I was having some financial trouble for past couple years and haven't been able to purchase anything until now...
  5. tdlrfootedpjs

    What do you use to poke holes in your stuffers?

    Hey everyone, I know a lot of us use a baby diaper to increase the capacity of our diapers. I am looking for the best/different methods to use them without creating a large mess due to the gel escaping everywhere. If you could share your thoughts and techniques, I would be greatly...
  6. tdlrfootedpjs

    Adult Sized Big Wheel

    I know many of us toddlers are looking for some of the things we had during childhood. I always loved my Big Wheel, I spent many hours a day riding on the thing. it was the greatest toy ever. I found a place that makes adult size ones and am wicked excited. I am in no way related to the website...
  7. tdlrfootedpjs

    Looking for a cloth pullup with standing leg gathers

    I have been looking for a cloth pullup with standing leg gathers to help prevent leaks. I was wondering if any of you guys had found some that had them and could point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  8. tdlrfootedpjs

    Want to tell someone, but have reservations....

    Hey All, I want to start by saying that being an AB isnt sexual for me and has never been, I am more like the modern dat Peter Pan and have never grown up. With that being said, I have been married to my mommy and wife for 6 years now. Everything has been great. Her mom has been particularlly...
  9. tdlrfootedpjs

    Pullups " I'm a big kid now" mp3?

    I am looking for the I'm a big kid now commercial in mp3 format so I can convert it to a ringtone. Anyone know where I can find it? Thanks!
  10. tdlrfootedpjs

    Need help finding Diaper Pins

    Hey Guys, I have beeen trying to do cloth diapers for a while now and have just been trying the standard baby diaper pin to close them and I am finding that the pins are not holding up very well. I was hoping you guys could give me some ideas of the pins you guys are using and how they are...
  11. tdlrfootedpjs

    Underoos found at Walmart

    Just wanted to tell everyone who wanted adult sized underoos, to be on the lookout at their local Walmart. I found some tonight at mine. The DC Comic superheros. Batman, spiderman, superman and ironman, and others. I bought a few pair for myself but thought I would give everyone a heads up...
  12. tdlrfootedpjs

    What would you like your mommy to do for you?

    So I have a wife, she is a wonderful person to put up with me, and she is willing to actually participate and be a mommy to me sometimes. I just really dont know what to ask her to do for me other than help me with my jammies, and tuck me in and read me a story. If you guys could give me some...
  13. tdlrfootedpjs

    I know this is a stretch but, are there any electricans here?

    As the title suggests, I am looking for some help with electrical wiring. I need some help hooking up a series of 10 recessed lights to 2 way switches. I wanted to use the wiring that is already there which would be 14-3 on the output sides of both switches. Any one who does electricann work...
  14. tdlrfootedpjs

    Bambino Blanco's back in Stock Yay!

    Just wanted to let everyone else know, that the sizes that were out of stock for the Bambino Blancos (small and large) are back in stock and orderable. I just ordered my first case and I have been waiting like 3 weeks to do it.
  15. tdlrfootedpjs

    Looking for funpal or underoos in Adult sizes?

    I would like to start off with I have no connection to the following items except being a customer of the person who makes them. I will say that they are made very well and are very cute and comfy to wear. I have had mine a few weeks now and love mine. Theses are toy story ones ADULT BABY TOY...
  16. tdlrfootedpjs

    Anyone hear of this chatroom

    I found this chatroom • Chat, Forums, Galleries, and Social Networking for Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers the other night and spent alot of time there and the people were really friendly and there was great discussions going on throughout. Now I am not trying to stir up...
  17. tdlrfootedpjs

    What program do you use to access the internet?

    Just want to know what people are using for programs to access the website. I am using internet explorer.
  18. tdlrfootedpjs

    Are you doing anything on Halloween?

    No not invilving diapers, unless you can and that would be cool! But I was wondering if anyone is doing anything for halloween? I am hoping to go to a party on the Saturday after halloween. I am looking for a spiderman costume now. That way i can play with it after the party also.
  19. tdlrfootedpjs

    Goodnites Improved now with waistband

    I was shopping at my local supermarket and always like to walk down the diaper isle, when i got to the goodnites I notices that they said improved so i stoped in looked and they are saying they have improved the protection and now have put a waistband into them kind of like whats in the pullups...
  20. tdlrfootedpjs

    Dry24/7 capacity?

    For all of you who have tried the Dry 24/7 Briefs, I have heard mixed reviews upon the capacities of these diapers. Could someone give me some idea of the approximate capacity of these diapers? Thanks!