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    Cloth Diaper Recommendations

    I'm after some contour and prefold diapers, and there's not much choice in the UK (I really like Snuggleblanks, but they've got about a four month wait at the moment), so I'm looking at suppliers in the US. Shipping costs are rather extortionate though (about $40-60) and so I'd prefer to order...
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    I've started to use resuables, and went for a 4 mile walk today, during which I got some horrible chafing round the legs from the Ecoables pocket diaper I was wearing. My questions are: It's fairly new - will it soften up and stop chafing? What can I do to stop it? Going behind a tree, pulling...
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    Snugglebanks / Blankensoft

    Has anyone has recent experience ordering from Snugglebanks / Blankensoft? I ordered a nappy and a few other bits from them about a month and a half ago, and they accepted my order, but it's not been delivered, nor have I had any subsequent emails from them - even though I've sent a couple...
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    Washable Nappy Recommendations

    Hi all, I'm looking at switching (at least some of the time) to washable nappies. I've got faecal IC, so don't need hugely absorbent ones (but do want quite thin ones). Does anyone have any recommendations - ideally ones that are reasonably easily obtainable in the UK? I'm open to trying...
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    Arizona Care

    Thinking about placing an order with Arizona Care, but the website looks ancient - has anyone ordered from them recently? Thanks.