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  1. Sheepies

    Pampers Cruisers 360 Fit, could they fit adults?

    I saw an ad on Facebook for these Pampers Cruisers 360 Fit and noticed they stretch a crazy amount... I mean that baby size the woman is holding stretched almost to her shoulders in the ad. I know it's not exactly to scale but I can't help but be curious. I wonder if the largest size of these...
  2. Sheepies

    Fixing up old furniture

    I fixed up my first bit of furniture today. Bought an old roughed up wooden kids table a while back and gave it a new life. Took a few weeks because I'm usually really busy with school and work but I like the way it came out. Not perfect, but I like it. Do you guys ever buy old stuff to fix it up?
  3. Sheepies

    New diaper reviews?

    Anyone know if there will be any more diaper reviews for newer products? Is FruitKitty still around?
  4. Sheepies

    Scored massively through the Facebook Marketplace!!!

    I am beyond excited wow wow wow. Either the person I bought them from didn't know what they had or they just wanted to clear some space, but wow. I think this is now my prized possession in my little collection. Will definitely be one of the biggest attractions for the little paradise room I'm...
  5. Sheepies

    What are some realistic ideas for a nursery/ play room?

    My roommate and I want to convert one of the spare bedrooms into a play room but we're having trouble figuring out what to put in it. It's a very small 10'x10' room approx with a small closet. So far we've thought of using foam play mats for the floor. We've got a toy bin displaying toys and...
  6. Sheepies

    Moving in with ABDLs

    So begins a new chapter of my life. School is starting, and I'm moving out... With an ABDL couple. Same set from a while back if anyone remembers that post from me. We've met a lot of times and spent a lot of time together helping fix up the house and just hanging out in general, and I think...
  7. Sheepies

    I made my own printable dinosaur landing zones and want to share it with you guys

    It's simple but all my own and I'm really happy with it. I'd like to share it with you guys! If you end up using it I would love love love to see it! made in A4 size for easy printing It's been really hard finding nice landing zones to print so I decided to make my own. I'm still learning to...
  8. Sheepies

    Opportunity to move in with an ABDL couple

    I'm very tempted and just might honestly. We met through a local Littles group. We've talked about boundaries and expectations and such, and they sound good. No need to hide any of my little stuff except around their son which is only around on weekdays. Which is more than fine I in no way...
  9. Sheepies

    I just found out my coworker is an ABDL

    This is so cool! Not only that, but she's part of a local Littles Kik group I'm admin in. Though we haven't talked too much. We work in different departments, but wild to think there's TWO ABDLs under the same roof! I want to talk to her. But don't want to be weird. Found out through a mutual...
  10. Sheepies

    Interesting discovery?

    I'm not sure if this is revolutionary or anything, but I recently discovered that adult pull ups (at least Always Discreet and Kidgets L/XL) have the same length and width in absorbent padding that baby diapers do if not shorter. But maybe less absorbent. I was able to seamlessly pin a 4T-5T...
  11. Sheepies

    What's a good quiet plastic backed diaper?

    Love the odor control of plastic but not the sound in a quiet room. I know cloth backed is better for noise reduction but it doesn't have the same odor control. Does anyone know any good plastic backed diapers that aren't too crinkly for daytime use? Doesn't need to be super absorbent. I've...
  12. Sheepies

    Liquid bandage and diapers

    I was wondering, does anyone have any experience with liquid bandages and diapers? I've got an ingrown hair on my diaper region I messed with a bit too much that ended up getting infected and opening. I figured a normal bandage would just hold liquid at the site making infection worse, so is a...
  13. Sheepies

    What's your go to diaper and why?

    I've seen threads like what's the best for a budget and what's your favorite, but what's your go to diaper and why? My go to has to be Crinklz. For the price, capacity, and cute print. I love how squishy and bulky they get when completely saturated.
  14. Sheepies

    Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

    Wow that looks like a trainwreck! I want to watch this in theaters to see how bad it is. Multiple people had to okay this design for the final movie. And not one spoke up to say, "Actually this is terrifying can we not do that?"
  15. Sheepies

    Kidgets L/XL got new prints and features!

    I haven't picked these up in a while, and they've changed the prints! I liked them before, but these are so much better in my opinion! They also have front and rear waistbands now and I don't remember if the leak guards changed but they're boasting dual leg cuffs on the packaging.
  16. Sheepies

    Rearz Training Pants

    I recently got my first pair of training pants. The Rearz Barnyard ones. So far I really like them! I was pretty disappointed at first because they were so huge, but after purposely trying to shrink them in the wash, they're feeling better. Plus the wash and dry fluffed the padding a little...
  17. Sheepies

    Is Cooshie Tooshiez safe?

    I'd like to order from them but am wary as I've never used their site before. Is it safe? Also what service do they use to ship their products? Like FedEx, UPS, USPS etc.
  18. Sheepies

    Having trouble accepting my disability

    Back in 2015, I had a really nasty accident that still affects my ability to walk today. Sometimes I'm ok, but I can't stay in 1 spot for too long or stand for longer than ~2 hours because I develop a really painful obvious limp and stiffness. Chronic pain is a constant, even when I'm not...
  19. Sheepies

    Hello my name is Sheepies and I hoard diapers

    Basically lol. I buy ABDL diapers and they end up sitting there for ages because they're so pretty I don't want to use them. Like I've got half a bag of Little Pawz that I bought in 2016 in my stash. Just looking pretty. (Love them, so cute) I bought a case of Crinklz last year and have BARELY...
  20. Sheepies

    Should I get the Rearz pocket diaper or training pants?

    I'm really tempted to get one of these with my next pay but can't decide which... Definitely want the Safari print. I really like the feeling of a diaper but don't always wanna wet. You know how it is with plastic backed diapers... They aren't exactly reusable. Those of you who have tried...