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  1. isaactheman

    West Coast Jungle Gym?

    Anybody else planning on attending this event? Itll be my first time going to an AB/DL themed con and i dont know what to expect. /.\ ill be going with my gf, shes not really into the whole thing but shes super supportive and who knows, maybe shell come around. :) lets start a group or discuss...
  2. isaactheman

    My GF tried to put on one of my Goodnites today

    So to start, i have not been here in a while. And by a while i mean some years. Anyways, i felt like i should share this with someone and maybe get some feedback. My girlfriend of about 4+ years recently found out i have to wear pull ups to bed for a bedwetting issue i have, at first she was...
  3. isaactheman


    okay well i know this girl that i really like and i have asked her out before. we went out for about 3 months then she broke it off because of rumors. well its been about 2 months since then and i still have feelings for her, i tryed talking to her about how i feel but she said she just wants to...
  4. isaactheman


    Well today i was at the Nugget (casino in my area) and i saw the addicting game, Stacker with a PS3 and Xbox 360 so i was like "Holy god i have to win!!" well since i was wit my friends i was kinda jumpy and missed the tower a couple times...i think it was my 5th time ($5 down) when i hit the...
  5. isaactheman

    Mario Kart:Wii

    I made this thread for people who have bought Mario Kart:Wii and a place to share tips and/or Friend Codes.Anywayz My friend Code is 1418-7135-2400 so if you want to add me post here or else it won't show up =-/
  6. isaactheman

    420 poll

    i was just curious on how many people smoked on 420. i,for one,couldn't. One because i don't know anybody who would have some marijuana and Two i was with my friends all day although i quit smoking i think 420 would be sorta an exception for me because its sorta a holiday. =]
  7. isaactheman


    hi im new here well......not really i was signed up to the other one but not as active as i have a DL and wear most of the weekend when skool is not bothering me.i look foward to makin friends that have the smae interests as i do =-)