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    A re-introduction

    Hey everybody, I'm Izzy and this is my re-introduction to the ADISC community! After a long time gone (really, it has been six years), I figured I would introduce myself once again (since, I imagine most people don't know who I am). I'm an almost-30 year old ABDL who identifies as a Middle. I...
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    Technical Question Quick Question

    Hi folks, I'm trying to figure out what setting removes the IM names I've listed under my profile. I can't seem to find the edit button! Thanks!
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    DPF Stories

    Hey everybody, I was bored the other day and was wandering around DPF and other old diaper websites, even in their non-functioning state. I was wondering if anybody had a repository of the old DPF story collections. A lot of them were fantastic and its sad to see that they are going to go the...
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    ...and in *B/DL story News...

    It looks like our good friend at the website with the crazy story collecting has finally jumped off the deep end. Check out Deeker - the website has been shut down and it now just has a nice, angry rant about somebody sending him an email. I haven't posted awhile, but I figured somebody out to...
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    Ted Kennedy has died!

    The last lion of the Senate has passed away! :( Ted Kennedy Dies of Brain Cancer at Age 77 - ABC News May he rest in peace.
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    CIA Inspector General Report 2004 and Holder Announcement

    I saw that nobody posted on this, so I figured I should: Today, the CIA's inspector general report on interrogation was released from 2004. Here's the link: The Washington Independent The 2004 CIA Inspector General Report on Torture Some short snippets: "OIG found 11 interrogation videotapes...
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    College and High School Advice Thread!

    So, a recent IRC chat and a couple of 'yay's convinced me that there is a need amongst the ADISC community for college admissions and high school academic advice! I'm Izzy - I've gotten into every school this side of Continental Europe and currently go to Yale. I can help :) That sounded...
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    FurFright 2009

    Hey everybody, Anybody going to FurFright? I'm probably finally going to go, but I want to meet some people :)
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    Anybody going to the inaugural?

    Just as the threat title asks, anybody going to DC on Jan 20th? I got lucky and scored a ticket from my congressman. Woo! Anybody going to join in the parade route, watch from the national mall, etc.?
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    Izzy's back

    Hey everybody! This has been a long semester for me, so I've been away for awhile. I'm back and I plan to continue my long tradition of undeniably long post about political subjects!
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    Hey guys, Who's going to Furfright this year? This is going to be my first con ever, so I'm kind of psyched. I'm really happy it's in CT, seeing as that's where I live now. Just curious on who's going and who knows, maybe accomodations can be made (is still trying to figure out how much he's...
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    Who has facebook here and is for normative human activities (aka, no ab-tb-dl references)? ^^ Unless people are scared of giving their real names...
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    A Moment of Silence for Arthur C. Clarke... One of the great Science Fiction authors of all time, Arthur C. Clarke served as an inspiration for me of a future with humanity at the forefront of technology. May he rest in peace
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    Hello! *Doesn't know how to do an introduction thread*

    I joined right before went down, so here we go again :) I'm Izzy, and I'm an AB. Anyway, I'm originally from South Texas, but moved to New Haven to go to Yale University, where I'm a Religious Studies and History major. (Yes, I'm a nerd. And Proud) I've been a *B for many years, and...