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  1. the0silent0alchemist

    melatonin cycling, circadian rhythems and intentional sleepwetting... damn..

    well, essentially the only time i can go around padded is at night, and nothing would be better than to wake up wet without conciously doing it, this might be quite a challange to be something to turn on and off when u like and heres the reason. i have found that as you prepare to slep, your...
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    the monster has died! (DADT finally taken down)

    ok, how is it i am the first one to mention this.... im not even a US citizen.. heres the drill DADT (dont ask dont tell) as i understand has been removed, the army seems to be just trying to make sure as little fuss is made... people are coming out, celebrating, its all good. for those who...
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    the fairly odd holiday destination

    okj so what places would you consider going to that most people wouldnt think youd want to go for example. just for lols and for thechance to meet the places founder., i actually would LIKE to go visit ken hams creation museum.. yes THAT creation museum , the one about adam and eve, the global...
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    Demons souls, raising the bar for RPG's?

    Demon's Souls for PlayStation 3 - Demon's Souls English Wiki one thing you die ALOT. in this game but the realism in terms of detail. and attention to spatial restrictions is EXCELLENT.
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    Y2K and ice storms this questions gotten me stumped.

    heres the long and short of this refers to a 'bible answers' section of where it essentially trys to give advice on a wie variety of topics from pokemon games to end time warnings, its in the latter that something caught my eye, now, i did a quick skimming search for...
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    all kittens take note

    i think we all know how to respond to this YouTube -
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    on the subject of abortion

    now, im for womens choice however theres jst one thng i cant wrap my head around just why does impregnation by rape mean it gets aborted almost all of the times. i mean... i just dont get why carrying that baby is an issue, and why, if you dont wanna be reminded of it your whole life, send it...
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    johnny reb and billy yank, which one are you?

    by the title im referring to the american civil war, from what i understand seems to be one of the most memorab;e wars in american history. but reading a historical novel from the side of the confederates, ive begun to realise that the events leading to the civil war bear a striking...
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    expanding our univrse, and new habitable planets.

    for a while ive seen news stories of rioting, floods cyclones and constant debates on the same topics of rligion and politics heres something that follows a topic far more positive, i wish the comments were more intelligent. 'Life-friendly' planets found - Yahoo!7 when i see this and the...
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    the drums of war sound once again.

    North Korea 'gravely concerns' Gillard - Yahoo!7 North Korea shells South in fiercest attack in decades | Reuters sems the shit is REALLY hitting the fan this time, brace yourselves people. YouTube - Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums
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    scariest women in politics? i think so

    YouTube - Julie Bishop Death Stare this is julie bishop, deputy of the opposition party, in this scene she outstares a GARDEN GNOME YouTube - Yes We Canberra - Julie Bishop Stare Competition may just be the deadliest women since mary queen of scots
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    howards 3 magnets (and other urban sprawl issues)

    in preperation for big exams on the subject of sustainable urban development and design (SUDD for short) and since its a friday night and i dont feel like doing much, in your area do you think you have a good layout? if so, in what way, are you on a culdesac system? or a grid system, are you...
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    i tell you, this article has 'irony' written all over it

    Woman asks to wear burqa in witness box - Yahoo!7 lonsg story short shes a muslim momen in a fraud case who, doesnt wish to have her face seen by men and wantsto wear her burqua to court while in the witness box. heres the irony, a women, part of a FRAUD case, wants to wear a face covering...
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    (if you havent seen the worldcup final, and dont want to knowwho won until you see a replay w/e. Then dont enter this thread)

    YES thats right, SPAIN has won the world cup!!! 1:0 against netherlands in the 24th minute of extra time (114'th minute of the total match not counting injury time) (i had to get up at 4:30 AM to see this match) :D :bowdown: personally i was rooting for the spanish, who will now become the...
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    WHAT to do when you get sick of your tickle me elmo

    YouTube - Is It A Good Idea To Microwave Tickle Me Elmo throw him in the microwave of course.
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    macdonalds is now trying to attract gays, interesting

    McDonalds Gay Advertisement: Come As You Are, French Customers! now this is interesting
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    Truth! Justice! Freedom!...and a hard boiled egg

    yes today is the glorious 25th of may, where the lilac rose and fell and... wait. what do you MEAN this is the wrong universe?... jeez i just got theuniverse wrong i wasnt expecting the unmentionables *sounds of shuffles, and a person walking off screen :sweatdrop: ok ill come clean, today is...
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    Imperfect isn't bad

    i said this would be a series, the next one is another opinion article so, LLOYDIAN OPINIONS: Imperfect isn't bad if you dont like the content, express it where we can all see it. (and yes, i realise this guy is scathingly against some concepts) the point of this is to argue the points, more...
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    read and be amazed (or, spot the error)

    2012 End Time Deceptions and Dangers btw. this site is a very much mixed bag, soearticles are rational and potings or reporting on news pieces to ones like this that talk about the hollow earth, hyperboreans and such. some examples of madness All though I am not a Christian per say I do...
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    Wall e

    YouTube - Where's WALL?E? basides YouTube - All "Wall-E Meet" Videos in One i know its a year or two old but its so cute ^_^