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    I've created and opened pandora's box (what should I do)

    Considering how scary that whole situation is, I can't imagine a way you could have handled it any better. I'm really glad this all worked out for you!
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    Newbie here! TIME TO SAY HEYYO 😘

    Hiya Mummyslittleprincess and welcome to the group. Great to hear that you and your mommy are exploring and enjoying this side of This is a great place to come for advice, suggestions, and interactions within the community. I believe you won't be able able to use the messaging system until you...
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    Do incontinence nappy manufacturers appreciate the AB/DL market.

    I keep seeing posts from people about adult-sized diapers being released with child-friendly prints. That, as much as anything else, would suggest to me a subtle recognition by the manufacturers of the needs and wants of the ab/dl community. I would the community would be the driving force for...
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    Sissy struggling and need help to move on

    Much like when even much older age regressors go into littlespace and enjoy being a younger age, an otherwise masculine guy can absolutely enjoy feeling like a totally sex, and get lost for a time in... well I'm just going to say sissyspace (I don't care if that's actually a term, I like it and...
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    My source is getting too familiar.

    I agree in general that anonymity is very important; I don't make purchases of anything that might raise questions from any stores that I more routinely show at for this reason. But since you're shopping at a supply store of that nature, I really don't think you have anything to be concerned...
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    Protecting your carpet

    I literally can't think of any advice more relevant than get a changing mat. Store it with your diapers & any other supplies. You're probably wasting more time scrubbing than you setting up and wiping down a mat, and more money on cleaning products than the cost of an even cheap mat!
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    If you could make a couple changes about ADISC, what would it be?

    I'm a member both of ADISC and DD and the main differences I find are that yes DD is less restrictive about 18+ content, but I also find a LOT more immaturity, petty bickering, and just inappropriate content; even within the context of an 18+ ABDL forum. DD borders on being an ABDL fetish site...
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    Hi !

    Hiya harley, welcome to the group. I've seen your other recent posts around the forum and looks like you're already learning that this place is amazing for finding support and advice; on an impressive range of topics!
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    Hiya Corgz, welcome to the group. Beekeeping? That is very cool, and a profession that nowadays we seriously need more of!
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    Greetings from a new one...

    Hiya Driver, and welcome to the group! Thanks for sharing your story, and I'm really glad you and your GF have found this common interest. You mentioned that she isn't really very vocal, but have you tried sitting down with her and explicitly saying that you want to discuss it? If you have...
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    I feel like I need to find a girlfriend (I need someone to love) Advice needed

    I don't know that I truly have any advice to offer other than DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! I know you're currently in a rough place, and can't even imagine how you're feeling, but you WILL find your someone. I have seen enough examples of people who are very severely disabled in a variety of ways...
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    Changing your diet

    High protein, low carb diets often result in looser stools. Adding fibre to your diet is an effective way to counter that. For the record, there is no "better energy drink"; slightly less horrendously bad for you would probably be more accurate. Not only are an ENORMOUS number of workout...
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    My home state legalized Marijuana tonight.

    I very much agree with this. While pot doesn't have any physical dependency the way many other drugs and alcohol do, the potential for psychological dependency is very high for some people. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should; not if you've had a problem with it in the past! That...
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    When You're Tired

    This is soooooo me!
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    Getting off my chest

    I feel I may have some relevancy here. I'm a gay male who within the last year came out of a 10 year marriage that ended when I came out. My reasons for it taking so long aren't actually relevant here, what is relevant is the ultimate decision to be true to myself, and not let myself by bothered...
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    vintage kids' cartoons with infantilist content: innocent fun, or easter eggs from ABDL animators?

    While MANY children's shows and movies have subtle jokes meant to appeal to the adults that are inevitable watching the shows; be it by personal preference or while caring for children, I personally think those particular jokes were just meant to be funny for the kids, not a play to the ABDL...
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    Any fetlifers on here?

    I'm on there, but given that my profile is much more explicit than any of the others that I looked at from here, I'm not sure if forum rules would even allow posting it here. Anyone who wants to add me there, please feel free to message here.
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    Should I purse diapers and cross dressing

    You've come to a great place for this question harley. You will find so many people here with helpful advice and support. As this is something that I'm actually only quite recently starting to explore myself, I know the anxiety that you're feeling right now, and so does almost everyone on here...
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    Question for DL's with kids

    Unless I'm misunderstanding TBC on this, I very much agree with his stance. I have a 6yr old and no intention of ever letting him know. Why? Because I don't need to wear diapers. I do feel it would be different if it was a medical matter and became somehow relevant for him to know, but it...
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    Panties Style Preference

    Thongs and g-strings can look really hot on the right person, but I find women's cut ones need some serious tucking effort to hold things together enough not to look a little ridiculous. Not very comfortable either. They're a 'just for appearance' kinda thing. And I've had a few female friends...