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    Onesie recommendations

    What are the ones called that have the split shoulders? I believe so that it is easier to pull them down... And does anyone know where to find those? I only see a handful on Amazon or Etsy but no "major" ABDL retailer.
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    [email protected] diaper on amazon

    I doubt it ... Shipping time was almost a month. Makes me think they would ship from across the sea.
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    [email protected] diaper on amazon

    Does anyone know anything about the [email protected] diaper on Amazon? .. ... Cannot tell if the price is for one diaper or a bag. But looks interesting. Tried searching, but so far...
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    Well beginnings sleep pants

    How mature
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    Well beginnings sleep pants

    To start, I really like goodnites and they are my go to... No, they don't fit proper, but they fit my needs. I also like other pull-on style night diapers and keep an eye on other brands. I noticed Walgreens sleep pants say they are "new". Has anyone tried these recently that could contrast...
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    bambino diapers V2

    I am not a fan of all over prints, personally.
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    😢 cloth back ABU Cushies ⚰️

    They were among my favorite as well. The only ones that ever fit the way I wanted. .... Memories.
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    Diaper Database

    If you are referring to the site I've been working on... ... Not much new yet. I completely changed how I was hosting, and developing, the site and like the new way a lot better. But the user interface still needs some work; as I find it to be a bit clunky. Technically it can...
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    For those wondering about size 8 pampers

    One of those things I will try once I can get them affordably... But not going out of my way for. I tried the target size 7s and they are usable (with gluing on side panels from goodnites) and these will probably be close is my guess.
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    Pampers Baby Dry Size 8 on eBay, from Europe

    There is also Darlings from, Kuwait I believe it is ... I'd love to get a package, but am not about to pay the asking price :(
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    Baby Print Adult Diapers in Small Sizes?

    ABUniverse has some small sized printed diapers... They are a little too small for my waist, around 32" but sounds like they might work for you.
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    I admit defeat

    I did sort of the same ... though a much shorter time. I went for a bit over a year fighting this part of me and finally decided - "what's the point". I try to keep things in check and not let this part of me overtake my life, but I also don't try to repress it any more. Being a Christian...
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    where r u all from

    I agree 100% about keeping the lines blurred. Right now I am looking at the City level as being the most detailed location field. County might have worked, but I am not sure if that would work on a global scale. I realize that people who live in a small city could have a bit more reservation...
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    where r u all from

    If anyone is interested, part of the project I am working on will be a map. I am hoping to be able to have map with people (not specific addresses, but general vicinity) along with a map of places to buy diapers and abdl supplies (clothing , accessories , etc. ). Just curious if anyone is...
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    Alyne pull-ons: snap, crackle, pop!

    Those will be on my try list for sure... is the plan to have similar padding coverage? Most other pullups have very poor rear coverage. While not necessary, that makes it rather uncomfortable in my opinion - so I hope they have the same cut overall.
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    Diaper Database

    I use to program a lot in PHP but have not used that in over a decade... some of my first web ventures were primarily based on PHP though. Perhaps a 'captcha' system could be used to allow guest based posting... I know a lot of people are put off by the idea of having to register with a website...
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    Alyne pull-ons: snap, crackle, pop!

    That almost makes me want to order a sample just to hear the "popping" :)
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    Diaper Database

    Duration does pose an interesting metric to store... I use to love Underjams. But the sides just don't hold up long enough and they are too short. If I was the proper size demographic - I probably would have wanted my parent to buy them as they tend to be more discrete (so it serves a purpose)...
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    Diaper Database

    Unfortunately having un-formatted data in a database is problematic. By definition, a database needs to have an architecture defined to support query structuring, indexing and analysis. I'm working on ideas to make the database more flexible in how information is stored, while still being usable...
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    Nodding Question

    The best way I have found to fuse the wings is with a hot glue gun.