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    Sissy but not a sissy?

    Hello everyone. So, recently my mommy has bought me panties and bras. I think for a humiliation aspect. But I've expressed desires to wear them with my diapers. And she says she doesn't want a sissy or for me to be her little girl. I've tried explaining to her that I don't want to be a girl, (at...
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    Hello peoples

    So. I've been an abdl forever. I'm 30 going on 3ish or something. I'm married to an amazing woman who has been my mommy for 3 years now. Married for 2. I told her about this before we got married Haha. Recently we've decided we want to switch. She's not into the diapers or little things as I am...
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    Diapers as a supervisor

    So. I've been wanting to wear diapers to work. I work in a warehouse and wear coveralls most of the day. I'm a warehouse supervisor and I've worn pullups a couple times but get bring myself to wear briefs. Partially because I can't get passed the feeling that I'm supposed to lead people and...
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    Greetings from Alberta

    Hello everyone. So. I guess I could tell you a little about myself. I'm a father of 3, happily married, been doing the diaper thing for as long as I can remember. I was born 14 weeks premature and had complications with my intestines and I've been bowel incontinent forever. The stigma around...