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    ABU training pants v. Tykables padded briefs

    I have a pair of both. if you want thick, cloth diaper like feeling then go with the Rearz, if you want what is essentially is printed regularly underwear go with Tykables.
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    The only odd comment that was ever made to me was “Most people your age would be really embarrassed to carry these from the store to their car, but you aren’t, good for you.” I was in college and had my phone out and pretended that I was double checking I bought to the specs that had been...
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    Convincing the wife

    If your SO is not aware that you wear a diaper. Just dropping your pants and showing them, or asking them to feel it is probably not a good idea at all. It is going to be a culture shock and if there was going to be any negative reactions, this will cause them to be 100% worse than just talking...
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    New Pampers design on Adult diapers

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    New Pampers design on Adult diapers

    There is a seller on ebay that puts baby diaper outer designs on adult diapers. The base diaper is a coviden diaper. They aren’t terrible but they look good from the front.
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    How old are you?

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    Told my wife

    She isn’t too keen on the AB side of things, I am a DL (only AB quality I have is I like a print on my diaper) so that was good, other than that she has accepted this and was super understanding. We are testing waters as to where our comfort level is. This is new to her and I haven’t really...
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    Told my wife

    After dating for 10 years and being married for 3, I have finally told my wife. I have been trying to figure out how to tell her for the past 6 months or so but finally found a way. I have asked her to set some boundaries, tell me what she is and isnt comfortable with, and let her know that I...
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    Looking for a specific diaper

    A few years ago, I ordered a sample for a diaper that I thought was called “providers choice”. It was an all white diaper (plastic backed) with hook and loop landing strip and tabs. I believe it was a 4 tab diaper. I am unable to find them now, does “providers choice” sound right or close to...
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    New "sensitive skin" Baby Diapers out there

    The Hello Bello diapers are super soft to the the touch. I haven’t tried them as boosters yet to see how they much they hold.
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    What I saw at the grocery store the over the weekend

    I thought I was alone as a traveling man
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    Help finding diapers

    I can't remember how long ago (it's been this year), someone posted a link to an eBay seller that was selling baby diapers in adult diapers so the baby patterns showed through. Does anyone have that link or know how to find the seller? INB4 make them yourself. I tried, and it didn't work out...
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    Huggies baby steps for him

    I stopped into a mom and pop grocery store and saw they had 2 packages of the huggies baby steps for him size 5 diapers. I saw their price on eBay and wondered if there was still an intrest in them as I haven't seen any being sold in a while. They are in a package like this...
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    If I wear to bed will u be able to smell it Tom.

    I'm new to this stuff and I wonders if I'd wear tonight will u be able to smell that I had a diaper on tomarow after I take it off?
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    help finding right size

    hi I am 16 and am looking to find a diaper that will parents snoop the mail so it is all stores for me I am 155lbs and wear a 32 waist pants.the bigest size pullup or goodnights are too small and today I bought the cvs brand pullup depends and they be too big around waist legs....I...