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  1. JonQuixote

    First time in a onsie

    Try "", great value, washes well, love to sleep in one. Tykables have onesies in "polo shirt" for work or play, nice stretchy feel with a lot of support. Etsy has "special order" with various logos and cartoon characters - don't care for their versions of crotch snaps. Baby-pants...
  2. JonQuixote

    Diapers for BIG boys

    I would go with the "Large" in NorthShoreCare's "BetterDry" and/or :"MegaMax", both great diapers !I made the original mistake of going too large, and they all leaked. I found that I have to wear a "medium" MegaMax during the day, but a "large" BetterDry at night since I add four Gerber Baby...
  3. JonQuixote

    Skin care question...

    I wear every nite for about 8/10 hours - always shower in morning but do not use soap as this dries out the skin. Also use "skin temperature" nothing over 105 F. Mild use to diaper cream where needed.
  4. JonQuixote

    Don"t understand why i leaked

    Here is my nite time "diaper routine" - Large BetterDry diaper (Northshorecasre) with 3 Gerber six-ply baby cloth diapers folded in thirds width wise, placed between legs with another diaper folded and then "doubled over" from each side and placed horizontal in the disposable diaper just above...
  5. JonQuixote

    Don"t understand why i leaked

    What Size? I leaked at first when I purchased "large" but found that "mediums" were better since they were tighter in the legs, thus trapping any leakage. Usually get 6-8 hrs of usage from MegaMax and I take a "diaretic" for Type II diabetes. My waist size is 39 in ands legs are 23 in, which is...
  6. JonQuixote

    How old are you?

    75 this July, 2019. Discovered my true "diaper bottom" two years ago. Haven't looked back. Thanks to ADISC for answering a lot of questions!
  7. JonQuixote

    Making diapers in USA?

    Just remember, it's the consumer that pay all tariffs - not the Chinese!
  8. JonQuixote

    "SQUIRMY WORMIES" or other terms to indicate "wet/messy" diapers.

    Although not fully into AB but getting more into my DL side, I often revert to talking to my wife (who doesn't fully understand my DL side but allows it) in some form of "semi-babyish" terms to possibly instigate her involvement in putting on or changing a diaper, such as: "SQUIRMY WORMIES" in...
  9. JonQuixote


    Try the "onesies" from, good quality and the snaps are quite easy after one or two uses.
  10. JonQuixote

    What's your favorite thing to wear in your little space? (Girls/Sissies)

    I like to wear diaper with double-satin bra and school girl plaid skirt. Sometimes I'll add a bulky see-through knit sweater and Mary Jane shoes with short white socks. Wish I could grow long hair - tried three perms last year but found that my hair is thick enough to hold a curl. Wigs don't...
  11. JonQuixote

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    MegaMax with two 2-ply Gerber stuffies - wore for twelve hours straight. Drooping halfway to knees. LOVE IT!
  12. JonQuixote

    Are there any other married ABDL's in this community???

    50 yrs now - came out about two years ago after little ones started school. She's not pleased but tolerates.
  13. JonQuixote

    Sagginess vs. Swell

    Again I vote for MegaMax for swelling and sagging. I really enjoy the thrill for a few hours.
  14. JonQuixote

    Why do you wear diapers and what is your favorite part about wearing them?

    I have always had an underlying desire to wear diapers but have fought the urge over the years. But found that getting up three times a night to eliminate was exhausting and interrupting my sleep pattern. Wearing night time diapers/covers/stuffies has provided me with a clearer mind in the am...
  15. JonQuixote

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Northshore MegaMax - mediums! Wearing more that I've found the perfect diaper for me during the day. BetterDry with four 2-ply Gerber baby diapers as stuffers for night time peaceful blissful sleep! Found true peace of mind when I'm in my diapers.
  16. JonQuixote

    DIAPER "Summer Camp".

    I seem to have two dream versions of "summer diaper wear". One takes place in my back yard where I can work and play in just a skimpy t-shirt and diaper and the second is where I go to "diaper summer camp" for a week or 3-day weekend. Given my neighborhood, with open landscaping, the first is...
  17. JonQuixote

    Hi, I'm JonQuixote,

    Hi, I'm JonQuixote, retired, 74 yrs old, and a SISSY/DL - been this way since I don't know when, but coming out more these days as I am married and have grandkids that I adore - and don't want to confuse them as to their developing gender identity. I sleep in diapers with Gerber baby diaper...
  18. JonQuixote

    Diaper meditation - does anybody else meditate when waking wearing diapers? I have found that...

    Diaper meditation - does anybody else meditate when waking wearing diapers? I have found that ten or fifteen minutes of meditation upon waking gives me energy for the day. I love to blank the mind and then think of the present joys of life; especially now that I've found the diaper that allows...
  19. JonQuixote

    I know that I am a Sissy ABDL

    I'm a 74 yr old retired man, who feels the same - luckily I came out to my wife of 50 yrs a couple of years ago, and she accepts it, although reluctantly. I have both frilly and boyish platic pants, pink disposables, and probably about $1,000 of "double satin panties and bras". I love the feel...
  20. JonQuixote

    NorthShore MegaMax

    Just received first shipment of NorthShore MegaMax mediums. All I can say is -"WOW" - now wearing second diaper but the first one had unbelievable liquid retention. Haven't tried overnight as yet as I sample ordered MEDIUMS, which are a little too tight for 39" waist/40" hips. Will reorder...