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    Anyone heard of "because" brand?

    wow. i hope not!
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    Selling my entire stash and a few unique things

    do you still have the opened pack of Dry 24/7's in Large? What might you want for those?
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    Would you guys be willing to help abu?

    they would have to expand their sizing a bit to us larger folks... a peekabu sized exactly like a Dry 24/7 large would be phenomenal.
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    Anyone heard of "because" brand?

    yeah i am usually very cautious about cookies and clearing caches and such, but i think just moving a cursor over it seemed to wake up Pandora's box lol! It wouldn't be so bad if they would offer premium overnight briefs with waistbands and excellent leak guards and in XL sizing.
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    Anyone heard of "because" brand?

    TheMat, good to know. I think i will try that!
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    Anyone heard of "because" brand?

    I think i might, but wow their cookies on the internet literally overwhelm every advertisement out there. I thought XP medical was bad, but these guys seem locked into my phone and my computer! I have even cleared the cache to clean out the cookies but it seems to think i want to know about them...
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    Anyone heard of "because" brand?

    ok good to know thanks!
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    Anyone heard of "because" brand?

    Thanks for the info diaperfooties. Do they make a brief or overnight product? I have never seen one in their ads.
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    Anyone heard of "because" brand?

    Has anyone been getting a lot of advertisements in their social media and whatnot about a company called "Because"? Has any one tried their products yet? They look paper thin and seem to be on quite the aggressive ad campaign right now... Also looks like they are limited to pads, shields and...
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    Anyone seen Betterdry in XL in USA yet?

    Thank you Adam for the reply. It will be interesting how those do since a lot of people here tend to like Betterdry as a go to diaper. Now more of us larger folks can benefit from that too soon.
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    Anyone seen Betterdry in XL in USA yet?

    Maybe this is a question for NorthshoreAdam, but I noticed Northshore is now carrying Crinklz in XL, and I saw in another post that their sister diaper Betterdry is now in XL as well but only over in Europe ( I think SaveExpress?). Preferring an all white diaper over printed ones, this is a good...
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    How do Dry 24/7s compare to Bambino bianco and Abena M4

    Dry 24/7's are roomier and have a stronger plastic shell and waistbands. This helps for slide sleeping and being on the larger side of the!
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    NorthShore MegaMax now Amazon Prime in USA

    Hey Adam, will those MegaMax XL sizes have the extended landing panel as well? And they are still slated for a June delivery? Thanks!
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    Most simular to M ABU simple

    I don't think that MyDiaper in all white is readily available in the US?
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    "New" NorthShore Product

    Now if we can just get the MegaMax in XL- June cannot come fast enough by the sounds of it. Although it appears to be thicker than the Supreme, not thinner? Performance wise it holds more, but dry thickness- is it the same or less? Adam from Northshore ought to consider the variety pack...
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    Plastic or cotton?

    Plastic is better. Especially for night time use and for odor control.
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    Anybody use Rearz InControl in size XL?

    Thank you for giving me some real world information! On the Inspire package, I was referring to the "length" (40") and the "width" (33") given for that XL size. It then says right below that it fits up to a 57" like you said but, dumb question, if the top parts are 33" each, isn't that really...
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    Anybody use Rearz InControl in size XL?

    anyone? any help would be awesome- it seems I am not the only one who would like to know this.
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    Anybody use Rearz InControl in size XL?

    I am looking for ACTUAL dimensions for the InControl in a size XL. Not medium or large, but in the "ever-elusive" XL size. Package says one thing (33"x40" for a 57" waist?) but i have heard they are closer to a large 24/7. I would love to know what the dimensions in inches when laid out and...
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    Northshore new product November! :DDD

    Adam, That is good news! Hey if you need testers for prototypes I (like others here) would be glad to help out! lol.. I heard someone say there is an actual limit to what they can "cut out" of a roll (that is also a fixed size) in terms of shell size regardless of manufacturer which limits the...