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  1. Daisuke

    Im back but with a quest on my hands

    Yeah so this is gonna look like shit but back in 2008, I had bought something and hopefully you guys remember what. Anyways I’m back to look over some old posts cause I am on a sorta quest. I don’t know if anybody lives in Yelm Washington, but around 08 an old friend bumped into me and I’m...
  2. Daisuke

    Late News Report: Japan hit by 8.9 Magnitude Earth Quake off the coast

    CNN Reports: "Japanese police say 200 to 300 bodies have been found in a northeastern coastal area where a massive earthquake spawned a ferocious tsunami Friday that swept away boats, cars and homes. The magnitude 8.9 offshore quake -- the largest in Japan's history -- unleashed a 23-foot...
  3. Daisuke

    Parents found out that, I am bi and I am also a TB/DL

    The video below explains it all and how I feel. I cannot write down my emotions but, I can talk about them. ( In an hour) ( summary) Parents found out I was bi, and a ABDL and went had a fit over it. They called me a pedo and told me, if I ever touch little kids I will go to jail. All I...
  4. Daisuke

    Taking a break from adisc

    I just need some time way from this site, I have been under a lot of stress. Not trying to start a fight here, I've been getting some rude comments on this site lately that look like something you'd get on the now troll rid-in website youtube. I can't take anymore stress so I am leaving. I am...
  5. Daisuke

    Exist Trace

    (This thread is about the Japanese Nagoya Kei band Exist Trace.) Exist Trace About the Band: (Quoted from Wiki), "Exist Trace (often typeset as exist†trace) are a Japanese Nagoya Kei band, and consisting entirely of female members. They're from Tokyo, Japan, and initially...
  6. Daisuke

    Nanaka- An anime that is PERFECT for TB/AB/DL Otaku

    While on ANN ( anime news network) looking up information about some anime I was watching and other stuff, I stumbled upon an anime series that is great for those Otaku that also are TB/AB/DL's. The series in question is called Nanaka 6/17. The story is about a college or Highschool student...
  7. Daisuke

    Had my wisdom teeth pulled out

    So as the title says, I had them pulled and they hurt. I my question is, what should I avoid to eat. How long will they hurt, and types of things should I do to make them hurt less besides use pain killers? BTW, have any of you had your wisdom teeth removed? How long did it hurt? And how many...
  8. Daisuke

    Death of onemanga and possibly the industry itself

    On, July, 20th onemanga gave a message of it's departure of the internet. People were unhappy about this, and were fighting against it. But, on August, 2 onemanga finally said it's goodbyes and shut down it's doors. It only has it's forums open. This is the message the site staff left...
  9. Daisuke

    I am going on Vaction, Sayonarra!!

    As the title says, I am going on Vacation for a while up to the beach in Oregon. But sadly, where we are staying as NO internet connect so I wont be able to keep in touch with ANY of you. But my parents say I can take my computer along so I can watch anime and read manga. ( But that's kinda...
  10. Daisuke

    Accidentally removed my documents folder from start up how do I fix it?

    Can someone help me with this one? I can't download anything now because of it. Or save anything, PLEASE HELP!!
  11. Daisuke

    First slice of life anime you watched!

    This thread is the discussion of the first slice of life anime you watched. Note, that you must list an anime that is under the slice of life genre! If it is not listed as a slice of life anime then, it doesn't count! These are the rules and they're simple. Have fun, and enjoy!!! I'll go...
  12. Daisuke

    Japanese candy and Drinks

    So what is your favorite Japanese candy and/or drink and why? My favorite Japanese drink is Ramune. The drink comes in this neat glass bottle with a marble in it, PLUS the drink taste like the fruit it's based on!! Now tell me what's yours...
  13. Daisuke

    Good bye adisc

    I am taking a leave from adisc for awhile. I don't know when I'll be back or if I'll be back but I guess I'll see you guys later. To all of you who treated me with kindness and understanding I thank you. Sayonara, Daisuke
  14. Daisuke

    Band Suggestions

    This thread was made for the purpose of suggesting Japanese bands, as the following below and other bands that aren't Japanese. Post your list of band suggestions after this post. You can also add band information in this thread. My List ________ tsubakiya shijuusou The GazettE Lynch...
  15. Daisuke

    Is it me or does Adult swim suck?

    As the title says, when I was younger I'd watch this channel and it had decent shows such as, case close, wolfs rain, Trigun, Inuyasha, and a bunch of other anime. At that time they treated the Otaku's like normal people. Then a few years later things changed. They started showing cartoons >_<...
  16. Daisuke

    Interesting manga called Hatsune Mix!

    I found this manga called Hxdeadxne Mix! Basically, the manga is based on, "The Character Vocal Series. It is a computer music program that synthesizes singing in Japanese. Developed by Crypton Future Media, it utilizes Yamaha's Vocaloid2 technology with specially recorded vocals of voice...
  17. Daisuke

    Why're people so mean to groups they don't understand?

    ( Move this or delete it I'd don't care) So my dad found a news artical about yes, you guys guessed it furries. And the first thing he said was weird and some other rude comments. He then asked me what I thought about them. And I said I couldn't care less. Then I tried reasoning with him with...
  18. Daisuke

    The Autism thread

    (OOT: I really don't know where to put this topic, so if the mods have a problem where it has been placed or if this has been done before then you can move it or delete it.) So, lately I've been have severe problems that have been happening in my life. You know with school and kids being...
  19. Daisuke

    Swine flu, are you worried?

    Well with all this hype about swine flu and all, I am a bit worried and somewhat percausious. If some of you people don't know what the swine flu deal is about and how serious it is, well let me explain. Swine flu has become a pandemic. AND has already spread through some state like a wild fire...
  20. Daisuke

    New change for YT

    YT is going to be more like blogtv to compete with the new site. In OTHER WORDS! YT is going to be doing some matinance (sp?) and from what I've herd from a blogtv user that while YT is updating the site, they will be going to go through ALL YT videos. IF a video is causing or DID cause a all...