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  1. BabySamantha

    Twin sized crib

    So of late, I've been wanting a crib... I currently have a twin sized bed that sits between 20 and 24 inches off the ground. Does anyone know of anyone that manufactures a crib that is the size of a twin mattress? Just kind of curious... Samantha
  2. BabySamantha

    Something comparable to a Bambino Classico

    Greetings! As it's tax time in the US and I am expecting a refund, I went looking to see how much I was going to spend on several cases of diapers. I went to Bambino's website (I currently wear Classicos) But due to their recent sale, they are out of Classicos and teddys. They do have biancos...
  3. BabySamantha

    Show us your Desktop :)

    My current desktops on my MacBook Pro: This is the external monitor... I can't get the internal monitor to upload...
  4. BabySamantha

    Incontinence and prematurity

    Let me preface this by saying this is only a curiosity question and is not meant to offend in any way. If it does, I apologize in advance. My mommy and I were talking last weekend about how I seem to either have a weak bladder or an overactive bladder, and I suddenly wondered how many people...
  5. BabySamantha


    So, I've been thinking that I should get some onesies to help hold my diapers up both during the day and at night. The other morning I had on a cloth backed something... (I can't remember if it was a Molicare Super or a Abena M2) but I was going toward the bathroom when it just slipped over my...
  6. BabySamantha

    Show us your Desktop :)

    Mine as of right now...
  7. BabySamantha

    What did you drive that you wish you still had...

    As there is a topic relating to what you drive, I wondered what vehicles forum members had owned that they wish still had. For me, it would be my 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. It was the newest car that I've ever owned and was loaded with all the options available on the 2004 model year (also its...
  8. BabySamantha

    Show us your Desktop :)

    Here's my iPad mini: And the original wallpaper:
  9. BabySamantha

    Show us your Desktop :)

    My wallpaper currently on the MacBook Air. I keep changing it so who knows what it will be tomorrow...
  10. BabySamantha

    Back to diapers

    Back to Diapers is a tentative title... (although I have a habit of picking a title and sticking with it...) This is my first attempt at a story that uses diapers as a primary plot point... The Female Main Character is a little younger than most of my FMC's so if someone sees something that a...
  11. BabySamantha

    Show us your Desktop :)

    Here's mine at the moment... I tend to change it every few days. I got tired of having a bunch of icons on the desktop, thus the 'desktop shit' folder... - - - Updated - - - So just after I go and post my current wallpaper, I change it... I would love to own one of these... Just don't have...
  12. BabySamantha

    Absorbency differences between the Abena Abri-Form M2 and M3?

    Greetings, I currently wear (and shortly will be ordering a case of) Abena Abri-Form M3's. Looking at XP Medical's website the M2 offers almost as much absorbency as the M3. (at least according to their little droplet chart...) How much absorbency is that little half droplet worth of...
  13. BabySamantha

    Skirts and diapers

    As I have a package of abena's due in tomorrow, and my gf has picked out a dress for me to change into when I get home from work, is there any thing I should be aware of when it comes to wearing skirts and diapers? Thanks, Samantha
  14. BabySamantha

    Show us your Desktop :)

    First my iMac: and my MacBook: My iPad is a NatGeo shot that I found on the interwebs, and my iPhone is a shot that I took of my gf
  15. BabySamantha

    First time wearing in public

    So today after church I decided to lay down for a bit, so I padded my self and laid down and watch some show on netfilx via the iPad and all of the coffee and water I had drank at church came out so I changed into a dry diaper and set about doing my time sheets for work. I have a general rule...
  16. BabySamantha

    Sleeping better when padded?

    Ok I'm curious: how many people feel that they sleep better when they are padded? This week has not been one of my better weeks for sleeping. Between the dog, my wife talking on the phone all night in the other room (don't ask...) and the neighbor playing some sort of first person shooter game...
  17. BabySamantha

    Introduction from a (somewhat) shy new girl...

    Greetings, My name is Samantha, and as of late my little Side hasnt been able to come out as much as she would like. I work full time for a company that takes photos in school settings. I'm currently enrolled in a local community college in their MIS/Project Management program (really just...