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  1. Bebezinho

    Mhw Iceborn

    Any of you littles get mhw iceborn yet for ps4?
  2. Bebezinho


    So pretty much every 2020 progressive candidate is running on the platform of repperarions or a promise of free stuff. I simply just can't understand this... are people really that blind? This is a direct attempt to buy votes with promises they can't fulfill. If something sounds too good to be...
  3. Bebezinho

    Anyone play Runescape?

    I started playing 14years ago and just recently jumped back in :) does anyone play or use to play?
  4. Bebezinho

    Member's mark

    Has anyone tried the members mark diapers? I'm looking for a kinda cheap diaper and wawas wondering how these are
  5. Bebezinho

    What happend to morality?

    Abortion is all over the news right now and I am shocked at how immoral people have become. To set this up I first need to establish a background: 1st. I belive that life begins at conception. That is that at conception, a brand new genetic code is created that will determine weight, hair...
  6. Bebezinho

    I love my diapers!! <3

    Today I had back to back tests up at the college. A total of 5 hours in tests! Luckily I had my dry 24/7s and bathroom breaks were not a problem here. Can I just say I love diapers? :)
  7. Bebezinho

    My Experience of getting a massage

    Hello everyone! I have noticed that a few people have often wondered what it would be like to get a massage while in a diaper. I can honestly say it is an amazing experience! I have had a total of 3 massages in my life and have been padded for each one of them. My first one was after seeing the...
  8. Bebezinho

    Lurker be gone

    Been gone while and now I have to say hi!