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  1. Maux

    Oh, and I'm Maux#0114 on Discord, lol

    Oh, and I'm Maux#0114 on Discord, lol
  2. Maux

    Yeah, tumblr got a little weird there towards the end, so I left with the rest of the mass...

    Yeah, tumblr got a little weird there towards the end, so I left with the rest of the mass exodus, lol And it's this book! ^___^ The Anterid There was a link to it here, but they took down the thread for linking to an outside site, >__>
  3. Maux

    Thanks! ^__^ Yeah, since you were like the only one to give me an actual review, and I had to...

    Thanks! ^__^ Yeah, since you were like the only one to give me an actual review, and I had to put something in the slot. I hope it's okay, lol
  4. Maux

    Design Your Dream Diaper

    Oh it's definitely not, but this is my dream diaper of course, lol. So I'm aiming for the Abena price point. Practically speaking I'd like it to at least be at the Simple/Space/Paws price point, but even that might not be feasible. That said, I'd imagine the Preschool backing is somewhat cheaper...
  5. Maux

    Exploding ABU's?

    I have only tried a single sample of the Simple Ultra. They're actually a bit TOO absorbent for my needs, even sleeping I fail to use the whole absorbency in them, and during the day I tend to have to change due to bowel issues well before I've wet enough for the capacity, so the traditional...
  6. Maux

    Design Your Dream Diaper

    I'd want the features of a few different diapers put together. I'd want the outer backing of the Cloth Backed ABU Preschools, which is easily my favorite backing. The wings and taping system of the Bambino Magnifico, front and rear waistbands too, and the absorbent pad of the ABU...
  7. Maux

    You get an unlimited amount of any one diaper for free. What do you get and why?

    It is so hard for me to choose, like my kneejerk is to go "Bambino Magnifico" because it's easily my favorite diaper but I can hardly ever afford it so I can't regularly wear it. But if I use it on that and something better comes on the market later? It'll be so hard for me to justify buying it...
  8. Maux

    You used your diaper for what?!?!

    I live in the New Orleans/Gulf Coast area so we're prone to getting hurricanes naturally, and the apartment I was living in last year was prone to flooding. In order to keep it from getting in the bottom of the door we decided to add some extra absorbency with one of my diapers that had broken...
  9. Maux

    Just a political leanings thread...

    If you really want to see where you land, there's a pretty decent quiz on it, and it'll show you how you compare to historical figures too: This is me:
  10. Maux

    I've got a new best friend!!

    Maux is also a fan of the Lion Guard hehe, ^__^
  11. Maux

    Things that dont mix

    I invariably use a pacifier or chew on my teething ring when I'm on my computer, and I'll often vape while doing so. I'm an adult that likes baby stuff and wears diapers due to disability. It might be anachronistic but that's all part of it. Of course it does get a little odd when I'll be out...
  12. Maux


    I keep mine in a stack of Sterilites in my bedroom:
  13. Maux

    video games

    I play a lot of video games, especially platformers, I also play a lot of WoW, here is the WoW Goblin version of Maux, obviously sporting a cloth diaper, :P
  14. Maux

    Favorite plushies?

    I have a ton of plushies. I do really feel proud of the fact that I just recently succeeded in getting a plush together of my Avatar, Maux:
  15. Maux


    Diaper and a T-Shirt is honestly my standard dress when at home at all times. I mean, it's my house, the pants come off, :P
  16. Maux

    Your favourite AB/little items

    I have a couple of pacifiers, some sippy cups, all kinds of stuffies and action figures and other assorted figurines, most of the smaller ones hang out in my computer area, the larger ones mostly over by my changing table. My most recent project was actually getting my avatar Maux together in...
  17. Maux

    Why white diapers?

    Even though most of us that are in our 20s and 30s were babies during the heyday of gendered diapers, the classic look is all white, it's in the public consciousness even today.
  18. Maux

    Cofoe brand Diapers from China

    So I randomly stumbled across these diapers on eBay and decided I was too curious not to give them a shot. They are the Cofoe brand adult diapers from China, and here is my bit of a review of them. Initial thoughts: they definitely feel thin and cheap, but if these are what China has in their...
  19. Maux

    Incontinence Support Discord

    Feel free to delete this thread if this isn't allowed, but I thought you guys might be interested. It's a good support channel I was invited to on Reddit. It's not ABDL oriented at all, it's not for that, but I seek out Incontinence support pages that aren't...
  20. Maux

    What's the worst diaper you've ever tried?

    The very first product my parents got me when I grew out of Goodnites. I think the hope was that I could wear "normal" underwear with them but my god did this experiment fail miserably. I literally have no idea what these are actually supposed to be for, anyone with the light enough incontinence...