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  1. AAO

    Pillow looks like diaper...

    I saw that commercial a bunch of times before seeing this post and never once thought it looked like a diaper. Now that’s all I see when it comes on. 😂
  2. AAO

    New Printed Diapers on Amazon

    I think the hardest thing is finding that middle of the road diaper. Supreme Lites may be it at about $1.20 each. I don’t know that there is anything worth wearing under $1 each.
  3. AAO

    What was your first time

    The earliest I remember was 4-5 putting a diaper meant for my Cabbage Patch dolls into my underwear. The first adult sized diaper was the day I got my drivers license. I drove to Walmart and bought one of the 2pc sample packs they had of the plastic backed Depends. This would have been 1999.
  4. AAO

    No, it is not always a fetish or sexual. It's therapeutic.

    It started off non-sexual because when I realized at 4-5 that I still wanted to wear diapers I don’t think I was having sexual thoughts (although I’m sure I knew things felt good down there, just didn’t understand why). About 12 when the hormones took off it became completely sexual. That lasted...
  5. AAO

    Working from home... with my diaper

    I don’t have a computer in the shop at the farm, so when I need to do computer work I stay at home and work in the office. I like to do it padded because I tend to drink and lot of water and have to pee often when I’m sitting at a computer.
  6. AAO

    diaper or nappies

    Diaper is still the primary word I use and react to, but over the years from reading hear and visiting tumblr and other sites where nappy is also used it has begun giving me the same feelings I get when I hear/see the word as when I hear/see the word diaper.
  7. AAO

    I get tired of bulky diapers

    I really like the cut, fit and feel of plastic backed Depends. I find them very comfortable to wear, they just won’t hold very much so I end up wearing Dry 24/7s most of the time for the absorbency. I am thinking I’m going to try some NS Supreme Lites next time around to see if I like them. I...
  8. AAO

    why are you afraid to tell your doctor that you will be wearing diapers?

    If I had a medical reason for wearing them I would have no problem with the nurses or a doctor seeing me in my diaper. But if I didn’t have a good reason for wearing them and knowing that a doctor is likely to ask why I’m wearing them I would not wear to a doctor or try to keep them covered...
  9. AAO

    Your First Diaper

    The earliest I remember was probably around 4-5 I would take the diapers intended for my Cabbage Patch dolls and put them in my underwear since they wouldn’t fit around me.
  10. AAO

    Why do we love to wear diapers in public

    I would like to wear 24/7/365 but circumstances and finances won’t allow that. But when I do get to wear I want it to just be wearing while going about my daily routine. It also helps that I don’t like public restrooms so when I’m wearing I don’t have to bother with them as often.
  11. AAO

    Do you belong to any other adult community's?

    I’m on Fetlife but not active and I used to be on tumblr but I dropped my account there. This is about the only place I’m ABDL active.
  12. AAO

    Admitting / Involving Your Partner

    There’s a chance she had a little side that wants to express itself more also and the stuffed animal is her way of letting it out a little bit.
  13. AAO

    Diaper Podcast

    It’s done by ResonantYes and roadnottaken. Very well done with lots of short little episodes.
  14. AAO

    SIDF: Sleep In Diapers Friday

    Just woke up on Saturday morning in my not so Dry 24/7s.
  15. AAO

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Dry 24/7. Very full after sleeping in on a Saturday morning.
  16. AAO

    Where do you guys live

    I’ve been to the 400 once but not the 500 yet. I’ve got a good friend of my wife and I’s that lives nearby so one of these years I plan on staying with her and her husband and going to the 500.
  17. AAO

    Hey guys how do you find a boyfriend/girlfriend

    I think Surprise35 is right. If your main goal is to find a partner that is also into ABDL or doesn’t mind that you are then you need to be open and honest about it from the beginning. You may have to go through quite a few potential partners until you find one that is open to it. Then you might...
  18. AAO

    how many people read Blogs

    I do actually browse the blogs now on the new site and may actually read a few. On the old site I never looked at them.
  19. AAO

    Earliest memory in a diaper?

    I remember being little at the baby sitters, young enough that I was still being diapered for nap time, while the bigger kids were taking their turns to use the toilet before nap time.