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  1. BabyBoyRyan

    Perfect dream nursery

    Looks awesome, you are one lucky baby.
  2. BabyBoyRyan

    For the gaming Onesie lovers here!

    Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon.... with maybe some Pokemon ...and to top it off...Pokemon
  3. BabyBoyRyan

    YOUR Stash!

    My current (small) stash consists of (these are individual nappies not packs): - 1 ABU LittlePaws - 10 ABU PreSchool Cloth - 4 BetterDry - 4 Crinklz - 14 Crinklz Aquanaut - 57 Pampers BabyDry Size 8
  4. BabyBoyRyan

    YOUR Stash!

    You are literally surrounded by Diapers...which is awesome.
  5. BabyBoyRyan

    You get an unlimited amount of any one diaper for free. What do you get and why?

    BBR Pokemon Master - It is the ultimate Diaper, get a perfect fit every time, highest absorbency, is super thick and soft and crinkly all at the same time, oh and it has Pokemon all over never said it couldn't be a non existing Diaper :p But for reals, probably the Crinklz Astronaut...
  6. BabyBoyRyan

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    A very wet Crinklz that I'm about to change into a BetterDry (it won't stay Dry).
  7. BabyBoyRyan

    That moment when you put on a dry nappy...2 minutes later it's wet, oh well.

    That moment when you put on a dry nappy...2 minutes later it's wet, oh well.
  8. BabyBoyRyan

    Show/tell your stash!

    Cool but there's already a thread for posting your stash:
  9. BabyBoyRyan

    Sec +

    I only have A+ and it was done in 2007
  10. BabyBoyRyan

    What is your favorite Pokémon species?

    I think I'm done... (top 6 in signature) The Best Of The Rest - Mewtwo - Articuno - Eevee - Umbreon - Arcanine - Scyther - Blaziken - Lycanroc (midnight) - Zorua - Zoroark - Zeraora - Darkrai - Suicune - Haunter - Kabutops - Pidgeot - Vulpix - Gyarados - Aerodactyl - Togepi - Xatu - Aipom -...
  11. BabyBoyRyan

    What is your favorite Pokémon species?

    If we're going by Pokemon type, the Dragon is my favourite type (I love Dragons) with fire second. I actually feel like compiling a list of my top Pokemon now...
  12. BabyBoyRyan

    What is your favorite Pokémon species?

    Mew is probably my ultimate favourite, it's so cute. But it's a really hard choice, My top favourites are in my signature (in no particular order).
  13. BabyBoyRyan

    Retro Gaming

    My retro gaming experience is mostly memories of my and my brother playing stuff on the Amiga, Populas and Rampage (others I can't remember). I eventually got into gameboy games, Zelda, Mario and of course Pokemon. I had a PS2 at one point but that was pretty much it until I got introduced the...
  14. BabyBoyRyan

    I finally did it

    Yay Congrats, welcome to the cool kids club ;) Enjoy the weekend
  15. BabyBoyRyan

    What's your little age?

    Turns out I'm a 7-9 year old that still wears diapers, drinks milk (straight from the source ;) ) love naps (who doesn't) but also likes pizza, monkey bars and his gameboy (was a hard choice between that and lego)...and of course loves Pokemon. Tbh...that does pretty much describes the dream life.
  16. BabyBoyRyan

    Baby powder or no baby powder.

    I always use baby powder (Johnson Cornstarch) and recently I started using baby lotion as well. Love the smell and feeling of both.
  17. BabyBoyRyan

    Baby food, formula, and ABs

    I haven't tried babyfood (tbh the thought of eating it puts me off), I did try some formula once, wasn't that keen on it tho. I don't really have any little space foods either :( I kinda wanna go back to trying milk (out of a bottle of course), but not sure as I'm not a fan of too much at once.
  18. BabyBoyRyan

    Check this out Pokemon fans

    That is pretty cool And we shall keep on dreaming....hopefully one day our wish will come true. I'm gonna have to take a look at that Pokemon Playhouse game. I've been a Pokemon fan since I was a kid watching the cartoon and playing the games and I will always be a fan. Also my Pacifier...
  19. BabyBoyRyan

    Perfect dream nursery

    Indeed Pokemon is awesome, the very best ever :love:
  20. BabyBoyRyan

    Perfect dream nursery

    Mine would probably be a combined nursery/playroom. Pokemon themed (like everything), a nice big crib (with mobile), changing table, open wardrobe/closet. A big playpen with beanbags and big cushions where I can my games consoles and other toys (Lego) .