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    Tried Plastic Backed Diapers for the First Time

    All Seni diapers are cloth backed. They are all very high quality. I use the Seni Quatro as my overnight diaper in the warmer months. During the day, I use the Seni super or super plus diapers to keep my accidents contained.
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    Tried Plastic Backed Diapers for the First Time

    I only wear plastic backed Dry 24/7 diapers to bed and that is only in the winter because they do stay warmer. All other times, I wear cloth backed Seni diapers because of their discreteness and they are very quiet when moving.
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    How much do you spend

    I figure I spend around 100 per month on high quality diapers. I wear a lot but not quite 24/7 due to being partially bladder and bowel incontinent.
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    Becoming incontinent

    I would not waste my time seeing a V.A. Doctor because every one of them is utterly incompetent. You should go see a real spine specialist that has never had anything to do with the military. As far as wearing 24/7, that is a decision only you can make.
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    Is it my gymnastic competition that causes me to pee more often on my jelly pads?

    Did you injure your back in any way?
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    Diapers or incontinence pads

    What product you should wear really depends on the volume of pee when you have an accident. When I started having accidents a few years ago, it was very minor bladder incontinence. Pull ups were sufficient at the time. My incontinence issue cleared up after about 6 weeks. Last summer, I threw my...
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    Best Non-Printed Diaper

    I like the entire line of Seni diapers and also the Dry 24/7 diapers. Those are my primary daytime and nighttime diapers. I have not tried any of the ABDL style printed diapers, but from what I have been seeing online, they are really good quality diapers.
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    Wear just a booster. Men with bellies have an alternative.

    Interesting idea, but I think I would rather just wear a diaper. I have never tried pads or anything like that because it just can't handle my accidents. I can't even use pull ups because they don't have sufficient capacity for my bladder output and definitely can't handle a bowel accident.
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    Funny thing happened

    I feel the same way. I call it a diaper because it is a diaper. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    why are you afraid to tell your doctor that you will be wearing diapers?

    I am not afraid at all to tell my doctor that I wear diapers because I have to wear them because I am partially bladder and bowel incontinent from an L5-S1 ruptured disc. She is completely understanding of my issue and non judgmental about it. Every time I go to the doctor, I am diapered and she...
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    I use the Seni Quatro in the summer and the Dry 24/7 in the winter as my overnight diapers.
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    What Brand of OverNight Diaper do you sleep in?

    In the summer time, I sleep in a Seni Quatro. In the winter time, I sleep in a Dry 24/7.
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    Why do we love to wear diapers in public

    I don't like wearing a diaper in public but I have to because I am partially bladder and bowel incontinent since last summer. To me, a diaper is a necessity because I frequently have wetting accidents in public and don't want it to be visible for the whole world to see that I just wet myself. I...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    I am currently in a wet and messy Seni Quatro diaper.
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    You get an unlimited amount of any one diaper for free. What do you get and why?

    Seni Quatro. It is my favorite overnight diaper and can be used as a daytime diaper as well.
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    Longest baby diaper

    Inexpensive adult diapers are of very poor quality. You should try some of the premium adult diapers. They have great fit, obsorbancy, and containment of all accidents. If you are looking for adult diapers with baby prints on them, there are numerous makers that you can find on the net.
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    Longest baby diaper

    I think the only way to get a longer diaper is to move up to adult diapers.
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    I live alone and would not trade it for anything in the world.
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    I put my nappie on inside out

    I am curious how you got the tapes fastened if your diaper was inside out?
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    I order all of my diapers on Amazon. They always ship in a plain Amazon box.