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  1. trysexiea

    Anyone know how to fix a wind up alarm clock?

    Use fine oil and penetrating oil if it really don't move. And try to move it by hand if it don't work, it's more complicated, and very complicated to explain by text in this forum.
  2. trysexiea

    New lesbian girl with stress incontinence

    Welcome on adisc
  3. trysexiea

    Tried Plastic Backed Diapers for the First Time

    On non woven diaper the plastic is micro perforated certain brand do the same in plastic backed and the results is the same obviously. I think the best technology is combined the to method so plastic non micro perforated in space Where There is the absorbent Core, and micro perfored of the rest...
  4. trysexiea

    How much do you spend

    I spend ?$ / month I use ~ one Diaper for 4 to 6 hours or 1 per night, I use diapers 24/7. So you can calculate but I don't know exactly how much per month.
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    I suppose it's not very good written but the text like is written actually same Really like a consanguineous thing. I suppose you must will be more clear of what you want to say.
  6. trysexiea

    What Brand of OverNight Diaper do you sleep in?

    I use Rearz seduction black or purple, and Rearz inspire+
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    If you have incontinent like is write in your profile you have just to say that you are incontinent no one will ask questions of this.
  8. trysexiea

    doing Youtube

    You have a computer enough powerful to do the editing, and encoding, for this type of videos it is preferable to have Many camera. It is important to remember that YouTube pay very badly very less than 1$ for 1K view. I suppose you have consider to do a "patreon" or other things like this is the...
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    What languages do you speak?

    I'll est possible que tu écrives un mieux français que moi xD "It is possible than you write a better French than me xD"
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    I have never search to be "normal" I'm not sure if it's a good decision I think my life well be more simpler if I wanted to enter in the mould of society especially in school time. Actually I do not regret my difference, especially my asexually I think is really a good thing to not be bother by...
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    What are the blue tab thingys

  12. trysexiea

    What are the blue tab thingys

    Look at the text I have quoted.
  13. trysexiea

    What are the blue tab thingys

    Is not really good to reuse Diaper anyway.
  14. trysexiea

    What are the blue tab thingys

    The diaper is more cheaper than the tape roll xD
  15. trysexiea

    What are the blue tab thingys

    Is for repositioning the tab if you fail to positioning the tab in the right place in the first try. 99% of the time you don't use this blue tape.
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    What diaper is right for me?

    yes I think it do not exist.
  17. trysexiea

    Subject that will surely not interest anyone

    Is strange but I don't translate French to English or English to French, is as my brain switch ender this two language. I'm think in the future my English Will be better than my French. I think is logical since I use only French IRL if I move to an other country, what is planned. I will no more...
  18. trysexiea

    What diaper is right for me?

    I suppose you use your diaper to much time if you use it for shorter time I suppose you do not have this problem. Diaper is gender free so I don't think you find diaper as you want
  19. trysexiea

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Rearz seduction purple
  20. trysexiea

    Ecoable Adult Sizing