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  1. egor

    Dyslexia any one suffer from it ?

    This is why I hate writing. I should have made two sentences instead of a compound one. I get easily distracted or stuck in a rut and miss changes in events. My friends that have ADHD can not stay focused and move to another project or activity and get very little accomplished. I hope that...
  2. egor

    Free diapers!

    Hello DiaperedDaniel and welcome to the group. Nice introduction. Egor
  3. egor

    Dyslexia any one suffer from it ?

    I also have ADD. The H stands for hyperactive and I know two people that are ADHD and there is a big difference between the two. It may sound crazy but I get distracted easily or stuck in a rut and do not see changes in sequence and the friends with ADHD cant stay focused and are always...
  4. egor

    arbbb2 first time i am not lurking!

    Hello ARBBB2 and welcome to the group. Very nice introduction. Egor
  5. egor

    Hello everyone.

    Hello tc1991 and welcome to the group. Very nice introduction. Egor
  6. egor

    Hello: My introduction post

    Hello Lola and welcome to the group. Very nice introduction. Egor
  7. egor

    Dyslexia any one suffer from it ?

    My dyslexia was the first thing that was diagnosed in grade school.
  8. egor

    World Coins

    I am working on inventorying and upgrading my coin collection. I just indexed my first coin made of Vinerium. It's a 1995 5 pound coin from Gibraltar (book value of $16.00). Got on the net and looked it up. Vinerium is called "German silver" its a copper/nickel/zinc/magnesium alloy.
  9. egor

    Who else finds cloth diapers comfy to wear ?

    I definitely prefer cloth and plastic pants.
  10. egor

    Intro redux! ADISC member, a transgender female

    Hello CutePrincess and welcome back.
  11. egor

    Foodie Group reloaded.

    Made a shell fish pho for dinner last night. Took 6 hours to make but well worth the effort.
  12. egor

    I Finally Got a Weighted Blanket!

    Good for you. My sister-in-law gave my kids one for Christmas and then my wife got one. I have been using my wife for a DPT therapy after everyone has gone to school/work in the morning and my low level depression symptoms have gone away.
  13. egor

    World Coins

    My dad Did that with me on my tenth birthday. And I have done the same thing with my kids. Its the "odd balls" that you find in the bank rolls that are the fun stories to tell about your collection. My best so far is a 1806 King George III farthing in a roll of nickels.
  14. egor

    Moving on

    Sorry to hear about your real life situation. I know what we talked about, and the self blame is normal. Just do not let it over take you thoughts. Egor
  15. egor


    Hello Spaghetti and welcome to the group. So that we may get to know you would, you please tell us a little bit about yourself, such as your hobbies and other interests? Again welcome to the group. Egor
  16. egor

    👋 Hi everyone.

    Hello LitleJayJay 82 and welcome to the group. Very nice introduction. Egor.
  17. egor

    Happy Valentines Everyone!!!

    back at ya!
  18. egor

    Hi everyone!

    Hello MonkeyBaby94 and welcome to the group. Egor
  19. egor

    What languages do you speak?

    I speak American English*. I took German in High School and can understand some and speak some. I know a little Japanese, and Spanish. Now I am also versed in some Latin and Greek for biology and Medical terminology. I am getting quite versed in reading numbers in multiple languages for my coin...
  20. egor


    IT snowed last week (that is our usual winter), So I got outside today, because the rain let up and worked on getting the blackberries trained for this years crop. The third attempt at my celery experiment is actually working. I raised celery in a window garden for 2 years and loved the...