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  1. Moo

    Reminder: We Are Not Doctors

    Lately, I have noticed a few people bring up their health problems here, without any indication that they brought the issue up with their doctor. I recognize that there are many valid reasons someone might hesitate to, or might not be able to, bring up their issue with their doctor. Still, you...
  2. Moo

    Yahoo Email

    ADISC is not currently able to deliver email to Yahoo. Until Yahoo starts accepting our email again, we advise everyone to go into and change the email on your account to a non-Yahoo one. All other email works, it is only Yahoo that doesn't work.
  3. Moo

    Email Up (READ!), Site Upgrade

    Email now works again. You can once again get email from ADISC. As part of this, some of you may need to reverify your email addresses. If you have any trouble doing that, contact us via the requests forum: Additionally, we've upgraded the site...
  4. Moo

    Email Disabled

    All incoming/outgoing email for is currently disabled, and has been for a couple of days. During this time: You won't get any outgoing email from, including password reset emails Your account may be incorrectly set to the 'email bouncing' status as we are unable to deliver...
  5. Moo

    Beware of Collarspace almost was found out!

    Alternatively: don't use the same name on AB/DL/IC/kink websites that you use on your normal vanilla sites. That's common sense. I mean hell, we did a whole news post a few months back specifically telling people about this:
  6. Moo

    Religion = Morals?

    When making an extremely controversial claim like that based on statistics, you need to cite your source.
  7. Moo

    No more email / guest contact us

    Hey folks. Like most websites, we had a "contact us" option that people without ADISC accounts (or who could not log into their account) could use to send us a message. Unfortunately, the "contact us" option was abused by spammers, bots, etc to the point we got 40-100 junk/spam/useless...
  8. Moo

    Leveling Up on ADISC

    "Legacy EC" / "Legacy C" are roles in Discord applied to people who were EC/C before the "link your account" stuff was added. They were used as part of a grace period to give those people time to link their accounts under the new system, without being locked out of stuff. These roles don't exist...
  9. Moo

    Leveling Up on ADISC

    Who has that?
  10. Moo

    Seeking New Moderators

    We are looking for new moderators to join our staff team. If you are an EC or higher, and interested in being a moderator on ADISC, please indicate your interest here:
  11. Moo

    Safety Tips for AB/DL Websites

    Some basic safety tips: Be skeptical. While mommies/daddies and awesome people do exist, scammers exist too. If a person/offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don't immediately take your conversation off-site. The #1 technique of scammers is to try to get you to talk to them outside...
  12. Moo

    Abdl Orlando Has links to a few Florida AB/DL things.
  13. Moo

    Discord Role Sync Fix

    I've fixed a bug that was causing Discord roles to sync incorrectly. Anyone who finds that their roles in Discord don't match their website roles should have this fixed automatically as the software resynchs over the next few days.
  14. Moo

    XenForo 2.1.3 Update (minor bugfixes)

    We've updated to XF 2.1.3 If you're a geek, the changelog is available here: This is a bugfix update - no major new stuff is added. It just fixes a bunch of minor...
  15. Moo

    Project Veritas reveals Google is in fact censoring Conservatives and Independents!

    When I googled 'project veritas', the first independent information source I found was:'Keefe To quote the first few lines: "He produces secretly recorded undercover audio and video encounters with figures and workers in academic, governmental, and social...
  16. Moo

    Discord Integration Update

    I've updated our discord integration software. This is a minor update, you shouldn't notice it. It just fixes some errors on the backend. If you do notice anything odd, contact me.
  17. Moo

    Right to wear

    Don't create threads which call out specific other members for positions that you feel are unpopular or wrong. It comes off as harassment. If you want to have a real debate, you need to outline at least two different positions, each of which you feel is somewhat defensible, and ask people which...
  18. Moo

    Can’t get away from this diaper thing

    If you are going to try to reduce your diaper use: Don't purge (throw away perfectly good stuff as part of your effort to quit). It doesn't work. It actually hurts your chances long-term, because it makes you feel worse. Don't aim to quit indefinitely. Instead, aim only for stopping for a...
  19. Moo

    New mommy looking for advice for her little

    A quick google shows: This reddit thread has a few people posting about ABDL events in florida. It might be worth messaging jayoshoowa on reddit and asking about those munches. There are also communities like this one which hold regular get-togethers. Yeah, babyfur rather than standard ABDL...
  20. Moo

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