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    Johnson's talc powder question?

    I usually use the corn starch lavender kind. It's always been purple. Smells less like a baby but still does the job!
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    Do you use the restroom for urinating when possible or just use the diaper all the time?

    I try to use the toilet as much as possible. Of course there is a reason I wear diapers, but I try not to use them as much as possible.
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    Feeling discouraged about leaking while lying down

    I sleep on my front/side. I've had problems with Rearz and Foresite leaking. I went with a large as opposed to a medium and added a tranquility booster. Other wise large is too big! So far I've had a dry bed. a bit more bulky but when your sleeping you don't want to be woken up because the bed...
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    Tranquility makes actual diaper boosters. I've only recently started using them. They seem to work a lot better than a double diaper. I don't feel wet! Less leaks. So glad adult diapers are now as good as they are. High school in depends sucked!
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    Wearing underwear over diapers?

    Tight boxer briefs! I love my saxx. I really don't like my diaper to sag. Also the waist band usually covers my diaper so I can show off my hard worked for abs.
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    Messing in Plastic Pants (with nothing underneath).

    I've never liked the idea of plastic pants only. Leaks? I also prefer padding over a plastic feeling on my skin. But people have diffrent likes and desires. if it works for you, do it and enjoy!
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    A Troubled Husband

    My ex is AB. I'm not a big. Thankfully she met a daddy! He doesn't wear. Why would he! He loves her as a little and accepts that part of her. You can and will find a person that's looking for a caregiver. So many little AB's are looking for that kind of acceptance. Go to the con. Be the...
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    How would you react if you found out your son/daughter wore diapers?

    I know my daughter has tried to wear her moms diapers. The sloppy tape job, and also her mom doesn't throw her worn diapers in the trash. If she expressed any desire to actually wear I would buy the right size for her. I will not change her. I've changed enough of her diapers! But really they...
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    That one time I didn’t wear a diaper 🙈

    I only wear rearz when I've been drinking. You really need the extra protection! I can use the toilet before I go to bed and still wake up soaked. I would rather my roommate not have to wake up because the bed is wet. I'm not big into being changed by others, but I'm glad she did that and you...
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    Best diaper to use in public?

    I live in Canada. We have Rearz. A bit pricey but some super cute prints!
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    Do we really "need" diapers that can hold several liters?

    I would rather have a barely wet Rearz than a soaked and leaking depends. Wearing diapers is not a problem. My roommate waking me up because the bed is wet is a problem.
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    Why are abdl/printed diapers so fricken expensive??

    You can get Tena for around $1ish depending on absorbency. Rearz are $3-$5 because absorbency (like 2x-4× more absorbent) and print! You want something that's cute or fun your going to pay more!
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    Booster pads.

    Have you tried? Thoughts? I wear diapers during the day mostly for bowel containment. Also urinary but I change almost as soon as I wet or mess. During the night, usually on my one night of drinking my roommate wakes me up because I've leaked. I have tried every night product from M4 to Rearz...
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    Diaper/ poop substitutes?

    You can get sugar free pudding. warm it up and that will simulate a bowel movement pretty good. Oatmeal is good for the skin but feels weird.
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    Should ABU design and sell cloth diapers

    I've been thinking of trying reusable for night. Diapers get expensive for something you just throw away in the morning. I prefer disposable because I've had bad experiences with reusable. Also I like how disposable wick away the moisture. I like waking up feeling dry.
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    Wearing instead of using public restrooms?

    Your still going to have to change. Guess where you change a diaper! Unless the school nurse knows. Just because you wear a diaper doesn't mean bathrooms disappear. Sorry.
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    What do you think about disposable black underwear

    Tena Flex in black! omg that would be amazing! The depend real fit do look like real underwear and I loved that! But they were really inferior especially after wearing for more than an hour. Also did nothing for bowel protection.
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    Public ideas anyone...???

    One of my coworkers who just started riding a bike asked me how I keep my butt from hurting. I told her I bought a padded seat(wich I did) Just didn't mention I also have a bit of extra padding! lolz
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    Intimacy and Incontinence

    Diapers are really just like any pair of underwear.
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    So Happy for FORSITE Mary Jane Max Absorbency Briefs!!!

    Finally an Adult themed diaper! Medical ones get boring and AB theme feels kinda akward. I'm so glad there is finally a Adult themed print for diapers! Even better here in Canada where it has been legalized for recreational use! I've been a medical supporter and user since 2001. I'm just happy...