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    Booster pads.

    Have you tried? Thoughts? I wear diapers during the day mostly for bowel containment. Also urinary but I change almost as soon as I wet or mess. During the night, usually on my one night of drinking my roommate wakes me up because I've leaked. I have tried every night product from M4 to Rearz...
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    So Happy for FORSITE Mary Jane Max Absorbency Briefs!!!

    Finally an Adult themed diaper! Medical ones get boring and AB theme feels kinda akward. I'm so glad there is finally a Adult themed print for diapers! Even better here in Canada where it has been legalized for recreational use! I've been a medical supporter and user since 2001. I'm just happy...
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    I drink. I assume you also drink. Has your incon changed what you drink? For me, I don't drink beer. It makes me pee way too much. I like beer. Won't drink it. I like shots! Or a mixed drink. I like to drink, but I'd really not have an accident.
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    I have to start. Jail is after arrest before conviction. If your in Canada. Two systems. Under two years. Provincial. More than two years federal. I have ibs urge. I was arrested in Ontario. Transferred back to Alberta. I went to Jail, bar fight in Ontario. I was born in Alberta, family in...
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    Just a quick hello!

    Hello, I'm a 24/7 diaper wearer due to IBS- incontinence. I'm 32 now and have worn diapers most of that time. Currently living with my gf(she does have incontinence but does not wear diapers) I will definitely be posting more about me and my life(its been crazy)