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    ABU Bunny Hopps and DinoRawrz - Whats your thoughts?

    Hi SweetPrincess, have you heard of the Dotty Diaper Company? I've seen on their website that they've just brought out a plain white nappy titled "Plain and Simple" just an all white nappy with a landing zone, these are based on their other nappies with a 5000ml capacity. I've not bought any as...
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    ABU Bunny Hopps and DinoRawrz - Whats your thoughts?

    I personally don't like them, I prefer plain and simple designs, I wish the designers would stop feeling the need to make sure every part of the nappy has to have some sort of squiggle or dot just to fill up the whole design space of the nappy, Or have some over the top colour around the sides...
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    Throwing out half used disposables

    I don't feel the need to completly soak my nappy to it's limit, it gets irritable after being in it too long, much prefer a nice fresh nappy.
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    Do today's diapers plastic still match those from the 1980-90's

    The only plastic backed nappy I feel that comes close to the 90's style plastic used on baby nappies is the ones used on the Drylife Super Slip. It has that same super smooth feel and has a great crinkle, not overly loud but you know you're wearing under loose clothing. I wish Nappies R Us would...
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    How hear still wets the bed

    I feel sorry for the both of you, Tundra do you not feel any sensation at all when you mess at night? Sorry to ask the question, I'm just curious.
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    Are Drylife Slip Super Made in the UK?

    I too love the Drylife Slip, they are my favourite go to nappy, I love the feel of the plastic, it's super smooth, I wish NRU would make all of their nappies with the same plastic., they missed the boat with the playdayz nappy, if they made those on the same line using the Drylife plastic...
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    Drylife Slip

    The Drylife Super Slip are my go to everyday nappy. They are very absorbent, not in same league as the high end nappies, but they definitely contain 3 big wettimgs, I've worn them at night with no leaks. The plastic is very smooth and I love the crinkle they make. Not overtly loud, but you...
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    Premium nappies/diapers Premium prices

    Haha! Most of the time it's the Honda for me.
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    Premium nappies/diapers Premium prices

    HI Sabu, Yeah, agree with you, no one likes a leaky nappy.:) Drylife nappies are great, I've yet to have a leak in them, only if I take them beyond their limit. I've yet to try Kiddos, might have to check them out one day. Thanks for the reply.
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    Premium nappies/diapers Premium prices

    Hi Guys, Just wondering what everyone's opinions are on the prices of the more premium nappies on the market now, like Rearz Barnyard, Tykeables Little Rawrz, etc... Nappies R Us have just took delivery of the new Rearz Barnyard, these are priced at £18.95 per pack, to me that's quite a lot...
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    Thinking of buying my little new diapers....suggestions?

    Hi bebezinho, Sorry for the late reply, yeah the new Tykeables diaper are great, they hold a ton, and the great thing about them is that they've changed the plastic backing to a lot smoother crinkler backing, compared to the overnights. Love the fit and feel of them, my only gripe is that I...
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    Percentage Of AB's in the general population???

    It's impossible to say how many there are of us are out there, but when you think about how many styles of AB nappies that are out there now, and how quickly they're snapped up when new stock arrives, goes to prove there must be quite a lot of us, but you just don't hear about it as it's a very...
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    Thinking of buying my little new diapers....suggestions?

    I recommend the New Tykeables Little Rawrz, they're quite expensive but I do like them. Or you could try Lil Rascals from Nappies R Us.
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    New Tykeables nappy

    Awesome when you think about it, of how many of us out there that like wearing nappies. Todalar, since you first started your business, do you think demand for nappies and other baby items has increased ten fold?
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    New Tykeables nappy

    Thanks for the mini review Zotan, can you tell me, you say the plastic is thicker, does it have that same textured feel like the overnights have or have they made it smoother, I really like nappies with that smooth plastic and a good crinkle.
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    New Tykeables nappy

    Hi Guys I've seen that the new Tykeables Little Rawrz have now been released, has anyone tried them yet? If so how are they?
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    What's your go to diaper and why?

    My go-to nappy has to be Drylife, they have the closest feeling plastic backing I remember wearing as a young lad. Plus they are excellent value for money.
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    Tykables Little Rawrs Available in UK

    I personally think they should of colour coordinated the front panal with the back. Think I'll wait for a review before I purchase.
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    Tykables Little Rawrs Available in UK

    Very tempted to buy, but they are very expensive.
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    Unintentional diaper training

    I wear nappies to bed at night, I'm not incontinent, but I think over the years of waking up wetting then going back to sleep my mind and body is getting trained into wetting at night, as last night after a bit too much to drink I suddenly became aware I was wetting the bed and I didn't wear any...