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    Premium nappies/diapers Premium prices

    Hi Guys, Just wondering what everyone's opinions are on the prices of the more premium nappies on the market now, like Rearz Barnyard, Tykeables Little Rawrz, etc... Nappies R Us have just took delivery of the new Rearz Barnyard, these are priced at £18.95 per pack, to me that's quite a lot...
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    New Tykeables nappy

    Hi Guys I've seen that the new Tykeables Little Rawrz have now been released, has anyone tried them yet? If so how are they?
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    Littlelolikat clothing range

    For those that have heard of Littlelolikat, I've just seen on YouTube that she has started her own clothing company, titled Innocent Dreams The items she has on there are more of the feminine side of ABDL which stands to reason as she is a girl, but she does have a cool...
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    Word Of Warning

    Hi Guys Just wanted to pass on a warning message to anyone who's thinking of trying the updated version of MyDiaper M4. These are the plain white version. These have had an update as the previous version had a landing strip, this has now been removed and a two try tape has replaced it, they...
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    New Little Rascals nappies

    Hi Guys, Just seen this on the Nappies R Us Twitter page, it seems they have been busy producing their own ABDL nappies I think they look great.! No mention of absorbency yet or sizes, but I'm sure they'll be medium and large. They look plastic-backed, I'm really hoping they use the same...
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    New Rearz Lil Monster Nappy

    Hi guys, Not posted on here for quite some time, but was browsing the net and came across these on the Rearz website, it appears they have a new diaper coming soon called Lil Monsters. They look really cute. What you guys think?
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    New cuddlz nappy

    Just been sent an email about a new one tape per side cuddlz nappy they are about to launch. They look pretty cool
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    Betterdry out of business?

    Hi just tried to look at the Betterdry website,to see if there were any new updates to their diapers and their website is no longer available. Anyone know if they've stopped production or gone out of business? If they have I'm thinking they went downhill since changing the product to Betterdry...
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    New Cuddlz Nappy Pictures

    Hi Guys and Girls Just received an e-mail from Cuddlz and they have just launched their new nappy/diaper, they look super thick and I quite like the designs, they have also launched all an white version with the same thickness. I'm definitely going to have to try these.
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    New Cuddlz nappy???

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    For those who miss the old style Comficares

    Hi Guys I've just been delivered Forsite AMPM nappies which I bought from ABDL Factory and these nappies are exactly the same as the old style Comficares before the Betterdry took their place. The cut, the blue strip in the middle of the nappy, and the same plastic backing. These must be made...
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    Fabine Dreamlike New Diaper

    Hi Guys Just seen a picture of the new Fabine Dreamlike nappy, and I must say a very bizarre looking design. Not sure what they were thinking when they thought up this design for a nappy? For me, it doesn't do anything for me whatsoever, to mimic a nappy to look like a pair of jeans or jean...
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    2017 wishlist, what would it be??

    Hi guys and girls, So the another new year is nearly upon us yet again, ( How quickly has 2016 gone!!) So it's got me thinking what would you guys love to see come out in 2017? If you could ask the likes of ABU and Rearz etc.. please make this type of nappy/diaper what would it be?? I'd...
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    Is there such a thing as too many diapers!?

    Been having a tidy up of my house, and realised I might have a diaper addiction, I'm litterly surrounded by nappies.! Last count was over 200! Trouble is there are so many new styles coming out at the moment and I think to myself "oh I must try some of those" and I end up buying bags of them...
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    Bambino nappies in the UK. What's the best?

    Hi guys, Bambino nappies are finally coming to UK! Hooray! Just want ask what are the best ones? I've read the bellisimo are really good. I really like the look of the Teddy and Classico, can anyone tell me if the plastic is crinkly? I love nappies with crinkly plastic backing! Are they...
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    Molicare 1 tape per side

    Just had a look at the Save Express website , and I see Molicare have brought out a 1 large tape per side nappy, in various absorbency's. It looks to me that these are the dreaded cotton feel only backing. so won't be for me, but for those of you out there that like the cotton feel backing and...
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    Rearz NEW Lil Squirts nappy

    Just been looking at the Rearz twitter site and I see they have a new nappy they are thinking of producing. It's a single tape nappy, it's only a limited supply to see if everyone likes them and the single tape design. I think they look cool, but as a Brit I won't get to try them, unless they...
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    How nervous was I

    Went to a proper incontinence shop yesterday, and boy how nervous was I going in. It started with me incorrectly ordering the wrong product on the Internet, I ordered the ID super plus nappies, (great product by the way) I should of ordered the plastic backed version, but instead I ordered the...
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    New ABU Lavender diaper

    Any thoughts on the new ABU Lavender diaper? Most definitely one for the girl ABDL's out there, ladies what do think of the new design will any of you purchase when it's go's on sale?
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    Dry 24/7

    Has anyone noticed that the plastic has changed on the dry 24/7's.? I got a few samples from Save Express the other day and I've noticed that the plastic has changed. They are certainly a lot quieter than what they used to be and noticed the tapes have changed to. Also I used to fit in the...