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  1. Robin

    Anyone know if this is true?

    Ok so I have Cable Internet 20Mb's with Time Warner Cable and using their router/modum, I/We have 1 Wireless laptop, 1 Xbox 360 wireless, Vizo TV wired, Direct TV Genie wired, 1 PC wired and 1 PS3 wired. When I'm on the PS3 or Laptop either playing FFXIV or watching Youtube, and my roommate is...
  2. Robin

    Did you say "hey I wish I could watch more She-Zow"?

    Well my friends your wish has been granted!!!.... now don't you wish you'd have asked for something better :D Seems the show is being picked up by Cartoon Network, here's the link to a story about it, now I've never read anything by this site so I'm not sure how reliable it is :D Cable...
  3. Robin

    Favorite dress and night gown?

    ~gasps~ Fiver!! :giggles: Yeah I'm a natural sleeper too and my favorite dress is this ~grabs the popcorn and starts the music~ :giggles:
  4. Robin

    Happy New "Sissy/LG" Years!!!!!!!

    Happy New Years to all my Sisters! ~huggles~ I hope everyone has a very Happy New Years eve full of lots of fun, happiness, family, friends and all those little things that make us all smile. So what are your resolutions? Do you have any strictly Sissy/LG resolutions? or just general ones...
  5. Robin

    Your favorite makeup?

    So I'm slowly (but surely) getting a pretty decent makeup table setup and stocked with all the little things that keeps me & us looking our best :D There are so many choices out there and it got me wondering what's your favorite brands? Do you only use "said" brand or do you mix and match? Me...
  6. Robin


    Do any of you other Sissy/LG/Trans girls/boys find yourselves getting angry at ridiculous stuff? Like not really at people or others, but inanimate and random stuff? I thought the route of my anger issues what holding in my feeling and problems but since coming out as trans, talking about my...
  7. Robin

    A real problem...?

  8. Robin

    Nails! design

    Oh my gosh sometimes I just love Facebook for bringing me those little "likes" on the side of my page, and this is one of those times!!!! I'm so getting this done as soon as my nails grow just a little longer. Does anyone...
  9. Robin


    Has anyone personally tried this product? I'm interested in ordering it but it's seems a little pricey, about $300 if i'm not mistaken, which i don't mind paying but I would like to hear from anyone if they have used a NONO and their positive/negative experiences. I would love electrolysis but...
  10. Robin

    Tomorrow's the first day of the rest of my life!

    Not sure how well it took but here's me on my first trip out in makeup and dressed, i know i'm not the bell of the ball but my heart says who cares!!! i'm happy damn it!!!! ~hugs~
  11. Robin

    Tomorrow's the first day of the rest of my life!

    So as you all know I've been talking about coming out as Transgender to my family & friends but how I was waiting til after my first LGBTQ meeting and speaking with my Dr. But I can't do it anymore, I can't keep pretending anymore. Tonight I'm going out with my sister and her husband to see a...
  12. Robin

    petitions. Details inside.

    If anyone is interested in signing this petitions to get men's-Skirts, utilikits & skirts for men in big box stores please do so. Your help will be greatly appreciated & Thank you. Petition: Walmart, Target, JCPenney, Sears, Macy's and other big box clothing stores.: Start selling mens...
  13. Robin


    Now I know there was a thread for this a few years back but I thought it might be appropriate to start a new post. Is there any real standing in this test? How do people feel about? And who has taken this test? and do you agree with the score/placement you received? My COGIATI result value is...
  14. Robin

    Seems so long.

    It seems like forever since i've been on this site, I feel into a bit of depression and pretty much just gave up on everything I enjoyed and alienated myself from everyone. Back n late May and June my eye sight started to worsen to the point that i feared i was finally going blind. I couldn't...
  15. Robin

    Mina Caputo. former lead of L.O.A

    Sitting outside this Monday with my buddy having a beer, setting up the grill and blasting Liquid Metal on Sirius, yes I know not really girly but I gotta have my big boy time to hehe. Now to the reason for this post, Jose (one of the afternoon DJ's) came on talking about an interview that he...
  16. Robin

    Total Paci destruction!

    Ok so i'm a chewer have been my whole life, chew my nails, pencils, pens, plastic, controller cords, I have to buy wireless controllers & headset's because I will chew clean thru them in a day or two...... so here's my question are there paci's out there made for chewing? I've bought several...
  17. Robin

    Problem with Facebook or Google?

    Hey guys i'm having a bit of a problem & i'm not sure where to go or who to ask. I use Google Chrome and I keep noticing a lot of times my Facebook wont work, it will load my New's Feet and my Page but my friends list wont load, I cant post/respond/share anything, any Messages/Updates I get will...
  18. Robin

    Skin Care!

    So i'm wondering about everyone's skin care habits and any suggestions you might have :biggrin: Now I have pretty good skin my face doesn't seem to ever get oily and very seldom do I get a break out, unless they are from stress :bleh: no with me my face feels very dry and If you've seen any of...
  19. Robin

    New dresses woot

    I got my new dress in today!!!! :biggrin: and I wanted to share it
  20. Robin

    Has anyone found your "<insert here>"

    I'm just wondering for those of you who (like myself) live with others & try to keep our feminine/little girl/sissy side a secret/private, has anyone stumbled onto your: secret wardrobe? personal bathroom items? or just outright caught you being & doing what makes you happy when you think you're...